Intel NUC not starting up

Hi Everyone

I need some assistance, i am a little stuck and not sure where to go from here..

Problem: I have just put a new NUC together and powered it up. When the NUC powers on it just shows a flashing cursor on the screen and nothing else???...

What i have tried:

    Un-assembled and reassembled
    Downloaded the latest firmware and tried to upgrade (no luck)
    Search the interent for solutions (no luck)


    INTEL     BOXDC3217BY  
    INTEL     6235AN.HMWWB
    INTEL     SSDMCEAC060B301
    Kingston KVR1333D3S9/8G (I have a feeling this might be the problem, it is only one slot of 8GB, i got the compatibility from the Kingston website)

If anyone has any ideas, your assistance will be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance
Paul-Anthony DableyThinking Forward - Forward ThinkingAsked:
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Paul-Anthony DableyThinking Forward - Forward ThinkingAuthor Commented:
Thanks  for your reply

So we can rule out a memory issue

- the NUC does not blink and just loads to a blinking cursor

- I have tried the memory stick in both slots


Regards to the cooling:

- I tried to follow the instructions but it doesn't even give me the opportunity to load into BIOS


I pulled the board away from the case and checked to make sure the fan is running, all seems to be okay, i also reset the CMOS but removing the battery, still no change..


Now found the problem:

Screen Resolution  - Change the screen and it worked...

Was plugged into a LED TV Monitor - Plugged it into a normal computer LCD using a HDMI to DVI Cable and it worked...
Larry Struckmeyer MVPCommented:
Some things to try:

remove the RAM, see if the mobo beeps
watch the screen carefully when powered on for messages from the BIOS
check the mobo manual for jumpers to move to reset the BIOS
power off, unplug from power mains, remove the cmos battery and let everything clear.
I've got one with a single 8 GB stick of the same configuration in a DC3217IYE  - same number of chips on the card and I believe the same memory specs,  it's Corsair memory though.  The 4 GB version of the Kingston RAM is on Intel's list.   I have a few other DC3217IYE's,  I think all with 8 GB though I do not recall specifically what model/make I used.

It works fine,  I doubt its a specific incompatibility issue with a 8GB stick.

Any chance you have another system you could test the memory in or other memory to put in the NUC.  

Also what are the lights on the unit doing?  Might point you toward a issue.

Video error - On-off (1.0 second each) two times, then 2.5-second pause (off), entire pattern repeats (blink and pause) until the system is powered off. When no VGA option ROM is found.

Memory error - On-off (1.0 second each) three times, then 2.5-second pause (off), entire pattern repeats (blinks and pause) until the system is powered off.

Thermal trip warning - Each beep will be accompanied by the following blink pattern: .25 seconds on, .25 seconds off,  .25 seconds on, .25 seconds off. This will result in a total of 16 blinks.

The above is from this troubleshooting documentation,

Check nothing is grounding out your motherboard in the unit as well.  

Also try it with everything disconnected but the monitor and power and see if it gets any farther.
Paul-Anthony DableyThinking Forward - Forward ThinkingAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your feedback :-)
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