Mapped network drives disappear in explorer

Hi Experts,

I'm experiencing the exact same issue as detailed here

Pretty much, users are logging in, drives are being mapped by gpo, but then all of a sudden for no reason they disappear at some point in the day. Upon logging out and back in the drives remap?

Any ideas what could cause this?

Its occurring on a terminal server that all users use
James GlenIT EngineerAsked:
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SandeshdubeySenior Server EngineerCommented:
Refer below this map be helpful

Loss of mapped drive, networked drive disconnects,_networked_drive_disconnects/?TopicId=27082&Posts=0

Also temporarly diable windows firewall and Antivurus too and check.
Did you take a look at the follow-up thread to that? It says "The home drives are being deleted because of a Drive Map Policy that is being applied.  The drive map policy deletes ALL drives after the specified letter."
James GlenIT EngineerAuthor Commented:
Hi Tymetwister,

The follow up thread looks to be a separate issue where drives arent being mapped upon logon, where as here they are mapped on logon, but will disconnect randomly later in the day

Cheers Sandeshdubey, i'll check those links out :)
James GlenIT EngineerAuthor Commented:

Just an update mate, im still working through those suggestions

I have done the reg ammendments from,_networked_drive_disconnects/?TopicId=27082&Posts=0

which improved the issue, but it still occurs

I need to test with the AV removed next i think
James GlenIT EngineerAuthor Commented:
Fixed :) cheers for all of your assistance
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