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I am switching my network from various carriers all to a Windstream MPLS network for all of my locations across the country. That being said, I will have the internet funneling through one main location so I can have one firewall in place to manage internet traffic from all locations, etc. I can setup Group Policies or adjust this hardware firewall that will be in place. The firewall model I will have will be a SonicWall NSA 3500. Since all traffic including VOIP will be going through this MPLS network, I want to start limiting personal activity a little more on the network. I know I can block sites like, etc. individually, but is there a way that I can block all streaming radio stations for people that like to listen to local radio stations that stream? What about blocking video streaming such as youtube videos, etc.? What about if they are embedded videos in other websites? Basically, I need to limit non work related internet activity - No more facebook, pandora/streaming radio, etc. My network is made up of all Windows 7 client machines and a mix of Server 2003 and Server 2008 servers. I have more than enough bandwidth for normal business activity and probably for the streaming too but I want to make sure things don't get bogged down in any way.

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SE-PneumaticAuthor Commented:
I am going to use the SonicWall that I have in place for content filtering and firewall use. All internet will come through my MPLS and out one single connection for all locations. Thanks anyway guys.
I work for districts with several thousand users, and we use Lightspeed for our content filtering.

It is a great package that allows us the ability to limit by classification or by site.
We can also reduce that limitation based on user/ou/group/etc...

Also another great package that we have used is Barracuda Web Filtering.

Some in our organization like one, and some like the other.

Both are great packages that would definitely support this need.

Lightspeed, however, has better customer service and willing to assist on the install and getting setup.
Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
If you use a proxy you can. Force the users through the proxy using WCCP and block outgoing destination ports (as many as you can) so they have to use the proxy.Sophos has a good solution we like, and BlueCoat does too, it just cost more than we wanted. Video streaming and audio streaming are tunneled inside of HTTP for the most part, so it's impossible to do at the firewall level unless you have very advanced and expensive firewalls. How do you get a firewall to block SWF? You don't, you'd need a proxy or some other http inspecting device, on top of that you need something that can resolve and classify URL's and domain names, and that's where the proxies are best.
In addition and in fact BEFORE doing any of this you need polices that state the expected behavior (acceptable use) of the employee's are. Have your HR and or Legal team(s) approve them, discuss with other management about the changes or the more thorough enforcement of these rules/policies.
SE-PneumaticAuthor Commented:
None of the other options fit for me.
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