lync 2013 missed conversation email has wrong icon

Using Office 2010 and Outlook 2010 and Lync 2013
When the user is offline Lync 2013 will send the user an email to say they have missed a Lync 2013 conversation.
The icon of the missed conversation email is an unread mail item not a lync 2013 missed conversation icon.
How do I get the icon right?
What controls the icon defaults?
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Blue Street TechConnect With a Mentor Last KnightsCommented:
I typically try to stay in non-mixed Office deployments (a mixed deployment would be outlook 2007 & office 3003 and so on) as a Best Practice so I was in OL & LY 2010 and they were different icons than the unread icons. Now, I'm in OL & LY 2013 and they are still different icons. I ran into the same issue as you did in OL 2010 and what I suggested worked for my situation. Anyway, here are what the icons should look like in OL 2010 (attached).

Make sure Office is fully updated.
Blue Street TechLast KnightsCommented:
Hi GDene!

In Outlook, go to File > Options > Add-Ins > under Manage: COM Add-ins click Go...
This will open up the COM Add-Ins dialogue box. If Lync Meeting Add-in for Microsoft Office 2010 is not checked put a check in it and click OK. IF it is checked uncheck it and click OK. Restart Lync by fully exiting and restart Outlook by the same.

If this doesn't correct it this may be a profile corruption, in which case reboot the PC and go to Start > Control Panel > Mail > click Show Profiles... and select the default profile and click Remove then OK.

Then re-create the profile.
GDeneAuthor Commented:
Hi Diverseit
Thank you for sharing.  We are working with Lync 2013 and Office 2010.
The Lync Meeting Add-in for Microsoft Office 2013 is enabled.
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Blue Street TechLast KnightsCommented:
Ok, disable it, exit Lync and restart Outlook. Then see if the icon changes. Post results please.

If nothing changes re-enable it again. If nothing changes remove it entirely. Each time you make these changes restart both outlook and lync.

Can you duplicate this issue with other users?
GDeneAuthor Commented:
Thank you diverseit
I contacted Microsoft and they said that it is supposed to be an unread mail icon.
I am very surprised.
We are running Outlook 2010 and Lync 2013
If you are running Outlook 2010 and Lync 2010 what does it look like in your Outlook inbox when you get a missed converation notice.
Is it an unread mail icon?
Is it because we are running Outlook 2010 and Lync 2013 that it is an unread mail icon?
GDeneAuthor Commented:
Thank you diverseit
Armed with these screen shots I can challenge the Microsoft support team who said there is nothing wrong.
Blue Street TechLast KnightsCommented:
My pleasure.

Keep I'm mind, you're probably going to have to make a decision where if what I have provided to you as a solution doesn't work then you may have to reinstall office, which if there is no functional degradation may seem silly for an icon swap essentially. Keep me posted!
Blue Street TechLast KnightsCommented:
Glad I could help! Thanks for the points.
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