problem sending emails to certain domain. exchange server 2003

Recently some emails are getting stuck on queue to be sent out. But it happens with a few receiving domains outside only. When we send emails out, they are stuck in queue, then stay for about certain time, 30-60 minutes, then evetually go out. When I freeze the emails and force to delete message with NDR, it comes out as following. I thought it's receiving email server's spam filter, but since it happens to  other a few domains, I think there might be some settings are not right at my side, too. Or maybe I just discovered other problems we had before because of the first problem I  found;

"This message was rejected due to the current administrative policy by the destination server. Please retry at a later time. If that fails, contact your system administrator."
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James HodgeConnect With a Mentor Managing DirectorCommented:
Try using this wizard (my favourite) to create your spf record and compare it with yours.
EMJSRConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can check the following. Make sure that...

1) Your domain is not blacklisted anywhere (

2) Your domain has an SPF record (

Since it only happens to some domains, I don't think there is necessarily anything wrong with your Exchange server.
Rik Van LierConnect With a Mentor Owner bvbaCommented:
If your SPF record is not correct you can always test by deleting this record.

without SPF record you should be able to email to the domains where you receive an error.
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James HodgeManaging DirectorCommented:
There are three reasons for this (in order of liklihood):

1) External DNS Configuration
- is a reverse DNS in place? Is an SPF record in place?
Theese need to be setup with your domain name registrar.

2) Your domain is blacklisted
You can check lists here: 

3) Internal DNS Configuration Issues
You can check this by running an NSlookup query of the recipient Mailserver and comparing it with 

EMJSRConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The SPF records are actively being used for sender validation. I would NOT remove it at all, just make sure it's correct. If you have the access to remove the SPF record from your DNS Zone file, then you can ammend it as well!

A lot of email providers (such as Googlemail, Live, Yahoo etc.) use it and since Googlemail offers business email, too, the SPF record is definitely a recommended thing to have.

The MS wizard can help setup a correct record if you have the information required (as a sysadmin you should).
crcsupportAuthor Commented:
is following SPF valid?
we have a primary exchange server which sends/receives 10.x.x.100(69.38.x.100), then another SMTP server sends email through the email server as smart host,  FS2 10.x.x.102(69.38.x.102). all incoming emails come to 10.x.x.100. We also have T1 failover. the IPs of the two servers are in the parenthesis. For this SPF, I created as following;

v=spf1 mx ip4:10.x.x.102 ip4:69.38.x.100 ip4:69.38.x.102~all
Rik Van LierConnect With a Mentor Owner bvbaCommented:
Here you can test SPF records:
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