Super Slow Windows 8 Wifi Connection

Ok, I know someone asked this already, but everything suggested in the last one I checked did not work for me. I recently purchased a new laptop running Windows 8 and tried connecting it to the internet. Immediately, I noticed that the speeds were painfully slow compared to every other device in my household. Here's some basic information to get you started:

System information: Acer Aspire R7-517 Series touchscreen laptop

Running Version of Windows: Windows 8 Pro (Upgraded from the built-in basic version)
Internet type: Cable Internet, promised speeds of 15Mb/s Download and 5MB/s Upload, Wireless network (No Ethernet plug available on notebook)

Now, I've spent the last three doing a myriad of suggested changes in order to help my system.
Minimum Power Consumption setting disabled.
Changed the driver for my wireless card to the Windows 7 release.
Changed bandwidth limit in Group Policy Editor.
Disabled adapter's ability to disabled on low battery life.

Nothing seems to work for me, giving me speed test results that look like this:

Sometimes the connection to my wireless network disables itself and says that it can't connect to the connection for some god forsaken reason.
I'm at a loss for what I can do, especially since I have zero experience with Windows 8 besides the basic navigation.
Please help!
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Ailyn_EvensenAuthor Commented:
I tried with no encryption whatsoever and came back with the same results. It just stuck me as odd that only one device in my entire household had so much trouble with getting internet speeds.

As it turns out, I took my laptop back to the store and exchanged it for a brand new one. I got all of my settings and stuff in place today and the speeds seem relatively normal for my area. The problem ultimately came from a faulty laptop (which is sad because this model has only been on the market for less than two months now!). I am now using the replacement laptop and everything is running well. I was even able to download the client for the MMO beta I'm taking part in and it runs beautifully!

I appreciate eveyone's help and suggestions as I tried to figure out what the heck is going on. Thank you so much!
Jaroslav LatalMSPCommented:
Hello Ailyn_Evensen,
Did you tried another notebook? Try to change channel and letu know.

Did u try with another browser like firefox or chrome..

Can try clean boot

Clean boot process

Start-type - msconfig- click on startup tab- click disable all...then click services tab- put a check on hide all microsoft services ...and then click disable ok and then restart the computer in normal mode.

If wifi works fine  then enable five startup items and services at a time to find the faulty software.

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Craig BeckCommented:
Windows 8 will disable the connection if the signal is weak.  Can you install InSSIDer on your laptop (from Metageek) and let it scan then post a screenshot?
I had this problem with my wife's new win8 laptop.

It was my router. If i used any other encryption besides WEP it was horrable.

It would loose connection all the time and real slow.

I changed back to regular WEP and no issues.

All so I would call the Cable Company and let then do a line check over the phone.

I hope this helps in your troubleshooting process.
Ailyn_EvensenAuthor Commented:
Thank you to everyone who has replied to me so far. I apologize for the delay in my reply; its been a rather hectic week for me and I haven't spent much time online. I have gone through your suggestions and replied each of you below.  


I have a Windows 7 netbook that runs without any issue and my father has a Windows 8 laptop in this household that does not have this problem. It seems the connection issue only happens on this one.

I made sure to install Firefox the instant I could, as I refuse to work with IE in any of its formats whenever possible.
The clean boot did nothing. MsConfig had me disable startup programs through the Task Manager. I have included a screenshot of the disabled programs.Disabled Startup Programs
The signal shouldn't be weak, as the router is on the other side of my bedroom wall and every other device in my room currently has a strong connection. Here is the screenshot from InSSIDer.
InSSIDer Screen Capture
We've always used WEP in my household. I live in a rather forested area, alongside a major highway with only 1 neighbor, so security hasn't been the biggest issue.
My cable company has been a pain lately, I've noticed we've had a speed drop since last Thursday, but they'll just tell me that they're having issues that can't be immediately resolved, or will want to do a service call.

I'm about ready to wipe the drive (again!) and take the laptop back to Best Buy for an exchange. I would hate to think this happens to ALL of the models of this laptop, but I don't know anymore. I'm just trying to cover my bases because the closest Best Buy store is over 45 minutes away from my home.
You can enable all the startup items.If its a new computer then replacing it is a best option.

Craig BeckCommented:
Have you tried with no encryption?
Ailyn_EvensenAuthor Commented:
Since the only solution to this problem was a replacement, I didn't think it was fair to not award any points to the people who were willing to help me. Thanks to everyone who pitched in!
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