SQL Msg 8115

can you please help,
I'm getting error

Msg 8115, Level 16, State 8, Line 1
Arithmetic overflow error converting varchar to data type numeric
Msg 8114, Level 16, State 5, Line 1
Error converting data type varchar to numeric

Select WayBillNumber, ShipmentDate,RepAccountNo,RepName,ShippingAddress,City
From scanitem
WHERE RepAccountNo = 000000000040870 AND shipmentdate > = (Select getdate()-2)

Thank you,
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Anthony PerkinsCommented:
Try it this way:
SELECT  WayBillNumber ,
        ShipmentDate ,
        RepAccountNo ,
        RepName ,
        ShippingAddress ,
        City ,
        Province ,
        SpecialNote ,
        PostalCode ,
FROM    scanitem
WHERE   RepAccountNo = '000000000040870'
        AND shipmentdate > = DATEADD(day, -2, GETDATE())

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Make sure the length of the VARCHAR variable and/or column is long enough to hold the decimal or numeric value:
W.E.BAuthor Commented:
I appreciate if someone can show me how,

I understand the concept that i have to increase the length of the field,but I don't seem to be able to put it together.

W.E.BAuthor Commented:
wow, this did it.
thank you
W.E.BAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
If Shipmentdate contains time (as well as a date) then you may want to consider changing the condition from:
AND shipmentdate >= DATEADD(day, -2, GETDATE())
AND shipmentdate >= DATEADD(DAY, -2, DATEDIFF(DAY, 0, GETDATE()))
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