Exchange 2003 Outbound Queueing EVENT ID 4006

I am getting some emails stuck in the queue now and they are all going to external users and number or recipients on the email message and there is a warning in the event log from the exchange server:

 Event Type:      Warning
Event Source:      MSExchangeTransport
Event Category:      Connection Manager
Event ID:      4006
Date:            6/10/2013
Time:            2:47:29 PM
User:            N/A
Computer:      Computer
Message delivery to the host 'IP ADDRESS' failed while delivering to the remote domain  'DNS' for the following reason: Unable to open the message for delivery.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at
0000: e0 02 04 c0               à..À
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hinduguyConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I rebooted the server last night and I will keep an eye on it.
hinduguyAuthor Commented:
I have looked over it, and my SMTP virtual server and SMTP Connector is setup correctly.
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Try this, stop and restart the SMTP Virtual server via ESM, check if that works, if not then stop it and create one more SMTP Virtual and test again.
hinduguyAuthor Commented:
Rebooting the system seem to have resloved the issue.
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