myPHPadmin install

I am trying to install myPHPadmin using this link:

I completed the install step by step...but now when I open myPHPadmin via a localhost session...I get this screenshot...I dont believe that it is suppose to be asking me for login info.

I dont even have the password for this...

My goal is to use this tool to add a database for a wordpress migration. thanks
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Dave BaldwinConnect With a Mentor Fixer of ProblemsCommented:
MySQL is a service (without a GUI) and you don't need to know where it is to use it.  phpMyAdmin knows how to connect to it.  In addition to phpMyAdmin which requires PHP and a web server, you can install MySQL Workbench as an alternative way of administering the MySQL server.

And please, in the future, post screen shots as JPGs which will open in the browser.  Posting a 'docx' requires using Word or a Word-compatible program to view it.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
No screenshot but...

phpMyAdmin always asks for your login.  I've never seen an install that didn't except for XAMPP's version which by default only allows a 'localhost' connection.  phpMyAdmin uses your MySQL username and password to connect to the MySQL server.  Usually if it's for your local use only to admin all the databases, you would use 'root' as the username.

Note that installing phpMyAdmin does not install MySQL.  That is a separate procedure.
GlobaLevelProgrammerAuthor Commented: didnt it is...I did install

I used the microsoft installerto upload mysql....but now Im not sure where MySQL is...can I pull it from the start menu...Im using windows OS....I see the MySQL command line...there is no GUI for MySQL I believe...
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GlobaLevelProgrammerAuthor Commented:
The MySQL Command Line Client asks for a password and I cant remember what that was...any way to retrieve that from a file?
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
The initial installation of MySQL does not assign a password to the 'root' user but you are recommended to do that.  Passwords are stored in the database along with the usernames.  You do not need to access MySQL on the command line to use phpMyAdmin.
GlobaLevelProgrammerAuthor Commented:
okay Ive got the password to MySQL...back to myPHPadmin
GlobaLevelProgrammerAuthor Commented:
isnt the password for MySQL and myPHPadmin suppose to be the same?  Ive got the password for MySQL but it doesnt work when I use it for myPHPadmin
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