Using a Windows 2008 terminal server in a Windows 2003 Domain

I have built a replacement for our soon to fall over windows 2003 terminal server on a new 2008 standard server.
The new terminal server runs fine except that I have had to keep it off the domain because as soon as it joins the domain, I loose all RDP access to it.  As soon as I detach it from the domain it works again. I want users to authenticate via the network as that will give them their exclusive mapped rights to files etc.
My other thought is to put it into a DMZ with two network connections, one to the web & the other to our internal network?? but I'm not sure if that's the best way around
Richard GrayIT & QA ManagerAsked:
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Rsilva98Connect With a Mentor Commented:
have you extend your schema to 2008 ?
Richard GrayIT & QA ManagerAuthor Commented:
No??? sounds fun(not).... How do I do that? bearing in mind that I don't (yet want to upgrade the whole AD to 2008 yet
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