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I have a snapshot of a VM that I exported after the VM crashed. I setup a new XenServer, but I can't get the VM started. Was told to check the read/write permissions, but I'm not that proficient with Xen. When I try to start the vm I get "Internal Error: Failure("Storage_access filed with Failure: Illegal VDI transition: activated RO -> activated RW"). I need access to this VM so I can move folders/files to another locatoin.


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MikeCyberConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Setup a new XenServer, no pools. Pretty much set it up on a separate w/s since I'm only working with this one VM, and wanted to separate it from the production Xen...just in case.
TunerMLSystems EngineerCommented:
"...setup a new XenServer..."
same pool?

what type of storage is being used?
TunerMLSystems EngineerCommented:
Try this:


And from the Citrix forums there is:


Which may have additional helpful information.
Reboot the XenServer host once and try again.
MikeCyberAuthor Commented:
I setup a new Xen Server and was able to reconnect the VM snapshot, recover all the data...happy accounting dept!!
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