Citrix receiver flash nags

I'm trying to control the below popup that appears on the user client, but I've had no luck so far:
citrix nag
The adobe Flash Delivery policies from AppCenter do not provide control.

I've read about the "HDX MediaStream for Flash " adm template for active directory, <ref:> but I don't know where to actually get it.
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barrykflConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I suggest you tailermade a msi of adobe fist ,.,there are some free open source packager e.g tailor make clicked optioned msi files for users.
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
What is the control you require? Is it suppressing it from appearing all the time?
Marketing_InsistsAuthor Commented:
Hi, I need to prevent it from showing at all.
Marketing_InsistsAuthor Commented:
Thanks, for some reason, I thought the popup was related to Citrix policy settings
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