Citrix user session is not transfered between machines


A friend of mine, who is using Citrix XA6.5 has very strange problem with sessions. When he logon with user X on machine1 and then he try to log-on again with user X on machine2, the session of Citrix should be normaly handovered/transfered from machine1 to machine2 – this doesn´t work and it creates a new session.

I already checked with him all setups trigers of ICA, Workspace, Citrix Policyes and looks same as we do have it for us it works the handover. But he means handover of users between several PCs doesn´t work and created aditional session.

Does anybody know which settings I have to check and where I can find it?


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insi01Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi Venurajav,

Yes there were two reasons for that behavior:

1. It was basically possible to connect directly to the WI site by a firewall proxy and thus to bypass the CAG(!), therefore the CAG didn't anything about an established Citrix session.
The CAGis in the DMZ. The WI itself is/was in the LAN.

2. The CAG appliance was not configured properly, because no authentication profile and no logon point were defined.

Ok so far?

Sekar ChinnakannuStaff EngineerCommented:
Is this issue happened to all users or to specific user?
Check your Web Interface Auto-reconnect settings, Make sure you set to reconnect All
Venugopal NCommented:
Is this happen for all the application or for a specific application?
Is session limit for the application is set to have " single instance", if yes remove it and check if the session reconnect for the user.
Also check on the "Auto client reconnect" Policy have default setting.
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Venugopal NCommented:
Also check if the below hotfix is installed..
Casey HermanCitrix EngineerCommented:
Look in the Web interface and make sure that you have selected under xenapp services sites that you are working with and under change session options check that you have

-Checked the checkbox to "Automatically reconnect to all sessions when users log on"
-select either reconnect to all sessions or reconnect only to disconnected sessions

That should get you going.
insi01Author Commented:
Hi casedog21,

the settings are already done, see Citrix Screenshot.jpg.

Any other hint?

Citrix Screenshot
insi01Author Commented:
We have found the reason for this behavior:

The authentication profile and the logon point on the CAG werenotconfigured properly.
insi01Author Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

The given answers didn't give the porper solution. The solution was found by my.
Venugopal NCommented:
Can you post the solution, which will helps others.
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