How do I use this class?

Can you show me how to implement this class?

I would like to be able to play an MP3 at varying speeds or backward.  I usually dont use classes so I am having trouble getting this to work.  

I save the class as a .as file. I added the "FrequencyChangeSound" as the document class name for my project.  

But I dont know what to do next. Should I somehow reference the class while I play an mp3?  Can you show me how to use this class?
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ForLoop5Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
please help?
ForLoop5Author Commented:
Im using flash. Is this a flex only thing?
ForLoop5Author Commented:
This is the description of what the class I am looking to implement will accomplish.

This class handles * changing the frequency and duration of a sound. Use the speed property * to modify them. You can play a sound slower, * faster, backwards, backwards backwards faster or slower.

Can you help me use this class to do these things?
ForLoop5Author Commented:
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