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Want to know if the Text Messaging feature in OWA only works with Windows Mobile devices.
In OWA, if you click on Options and then Phone, you have a button for Text Messaging. I do through a wizard which asks for carrier and phone number but I never get a confirmation code. I know in the past the Text Messaging feature in OWA and Outlook only worked with Windows Mobile OS's. Not sure if that is still true. I have an iPhone 5 with IOS 6.x.
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tnguyenWIRBConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, I don't have it in my environment.

I'm also curious how it sends text to a phone to, but my guess it is just sending an email to phone_number@tmomail.net or so. Depends on what your carrier is.
I have just tried that and it worked on my phone Samsung S2 with Tmobile.
shadowtuckAuthor Commented:
This may sound like a dumb question but does your environment have Exchange Unified Messaging with voice integration? I am trying to figure out how Exchange would send a text message to a phone. We don't have any voice integration here so of course its not going to work.
shadowtuckAuthor Commented:
Yeah, you are right. For Verizon, it would be the number @vtext.com. I figured out why its not working right now. We don't have outbound email configured yet. Its a new environment.
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