sql function needed for csv list of fields

Hi All, This is legacy stuff that I have to make work.  I need a function to return a comma separated list of field names for each record.  Let's pretend this is the scenario.

--DROP TABLE tempdb.dbo.mh_account_change_requests

CREATE TABLE tempdb.dbo.mh_account_change_requests (
acr_id INT NOT NULL,
acr_fname VARCHAR(255) NULL,
acr_fname_change BIT NOT NULL,
acr_mname VARCHAR(255) NULL,
acr_mname_change BIT NOT NULL,
acr_lname VARCHAR(255) NULL,
acr_lname_change BIT NOT NULL)

INSERT INTO tempdb.dbo.mh_account_change_requests VALUES (1, 'Greg', 1, NULL, 0, 'Brady', 1)
INSERT INTO tempdb.dbo.mh_account_change_requests VALUES (2, NULL, 0, 'Pete', 1, 'Brady', 1)
INSERT INTO tempdb.dbo.mh_account_change_requests VALUES (3, 'Bobby', 1, 'Brady', 1, NULL, 0)

SELECT *, <plus a comma separated list OF the change field NAME> AS changerequests FROM tempdb.dbo.mh_account_change_requests

For results that look like this:
desired results
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BAKADYConnect With a Mentor Commented:
    WHERE TABLE_NAME = 'mh_account_change_requests'
       AND (
          (COLUMN_NAME = 'acr_fname' AND Not acr_fname Is NULL)
          (COLUMN_NAME = 'acr_mname' AND Not acr_mname Is NULL)
          (COLUMN_NAME = 'acr_lname' AND Not acr_lname Is NULL)
    ORDER BY ordinal_position
    FOR XML PATH('')
FROM mh_account_change_requests

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to try the code above look by SQL-Fiddle

MariaHaltAuthor Commented:
I only want the fields where the bit = 1.
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MariaHaltAuthor Commented:
Also, I don't want to export them to a file, I just need the results in an additional field.
I experienced an error whilst testing this, it wouldn't let me create a row of column names and then union that with a full select from the table as some of the fields where set to 'int' and the column names weren't integers.

My code was:
select 'Code','Description','Address1','Address2','Address3','Address4','Postcode','Tel'


select * from branches

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And I got the error:

Conversion failed when converting the varchar value 'Code' to data type int.

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However if you were to cast or convert each integer field to nchar in your main select statement it may work!
nemws1Database AdministratorCommented:
First off, that you so much for providing some sample SQL code.  It is so very helpful!!!

I'm thinking you want to use STUFF along with XML PATH.  (This is basically the same as MySQL's GROUP_CONCAT function), but usually that means grouping by something (a key?)

In your example code, what is the comma seperated list that you're looking for/results that you want?

You most likely want something using this code - I'm just trying to figure out what it is you exactly want.

             (SELECT ',' + Column_Name 
              FROM Table_Name
              FOR XML PATH (','))
             , 1, 1, '')

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nemws1Database AdministratorCommented:
BurundiLapp - I think you posted this to wrong thread question.
I think I may have, sorry OP.
MariaHaltAuthor Commented:
Beyond Excellent!  Thank you!!! Exactly what I wanted.
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