Losing Wireless access

We have a office where we have installed two routers and a wireless access point.  All of them, once we set them up, give us access to the network and Internet.  They will work for a day and then stop.  When you try to connect it will cycle through connecting and then saying obtainnig IP address but never establishing a connection.
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PangeiaAuthor Commented:
Turns out I spoke too soon.  The Zyxel quit working after a couple days at our office as well.  Could be a run of bad luck I guess.  Two used routers that could have had issues and a new WAP that definitely does.

I was hoping that someone could let me know of something that I was unaware of that could cause a wireless connection to drop.  It seemed like it was something on the network causing the wireless access to fault.  Now that the new device basically died at our main office, I figure it could have just been bad luck.

To answer your questions from the last post...

Only big differences would the the original site has a Cisco Router/VOIP phone system and a T1.  This office has a DSL connection with a standard AT&T router.

There is currently no wireless connectivity on the original network in question.

Yes they were all identical.  I setup each router/access point and tested them on sight.  In a day or two no one could connect to them in any way.  Even using a physical connection and trying to ping the address assigned to the routers/access point.

We have returned the access point and are looking for the new one to arrive.
Why do you have two routers are they on same lan? (Could the problem lie here if they both have DHCP turned on?)

Have you flashed the components with the latest firmware?

Does any PC/Mobile phone work or do they ALL stop working at the same time?

I think you will get much faster reply if you add what brand/model/type are the components (router(s), AP(s) and what unit(s) are not getting IP adresses)

PangeiaAuthor Commented:
After reading your reply I can see how I should have worded it differently.

The network has a Cisco Router/VOIP phone system.  We installed a wireless router to act as a wireless access point.  Because it was already there and not being used.  It was later swapped with another router due to the problems with the first.  After having issues with two separate previously used routers we purchased a new Zyxel wireless access point.

We are still having the issue on site.  We are currently using the wireless access point at a different site and have run it for two days without incident.

Also the Zyxel access point has been flashed to the latest firmware.
Still lacking a bit of details in terms of models/types, but a more pressing question to ask is: What is different from the site where the AP work from where it is not working?

So now you have no wireless at the site where the Zyxel was not working?

Was the syptoms identical when you had the router AP-configured as when you used the Zyxel?
PangeiaAuthor Commented:
Two bad access points in a row.
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