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Not Able to access Routers Config Interface

Hello this is a follow up question from this other one:

And this is the issue i am having right now... I am pasting here my last comment of the other post. Hope somebody can give me a hand at this hour...

RINDI: i did all you said in your last post, (Do not use WAN port, Connect via LAN port, disabled DHCP server) .... and everything was going fine for about a copule of minutes after changing that settings on the CONFIGURATION INTERFACE, until suddenly there is no way anymore to access the Routers configuration interface again...

I did not changed the router IP because it was (as you mentioned), and already was different from the modems IP which is (Or i should have changed to a completely different number?...)

So, after i left the configuration panel or interface, i have not being able to access it in anyway for the last 30 minutes... I have tried every possible connection configuration via ethernet CABLE and via wireless and nothing... I have even tried disconnecting the Router from the modem, and only connecting the router to the computer, but there is no way to access the config interface using the

Ethernet and Wireless connectivity DOES work,  i mean i have internet access by ethernet cable or via wifi as well... But also if i am connected only via wifi, I can not access the Config Interface...

My guess is that the problem is caused because i turned OFF the DHCP Server in the Router, as you suggested?... Could this be the problem? How can i solve it and be able to access the Routers config panel again?
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2 Solutions
When fighting with a wireless router's settings, stay plugged in until things are right.

"the modems IP which is"
Why does the modem have an internal LAN ip?   Sounds like a router.

"My guess is that the problem is caused because i turned OFF the DHCP Server in the Router"

"no way to access the config interface using the"

If the DHCP is off, and your computer is set to automatically get an IP, then this would be a problem (because DHCP isn't handing out IP addresses).

Set your computer to have a static IP of,   make sure the subnet matches the subnet in your router and see if you can now hit

Example Static LAN Address
unrinoceronteAuthor Commented:
TAILORREDDIGITAL: thanks a lot, i followed your instructions and it worked!  now i have access to my router config interface again...

All i did was set the IP to static exactly as you described.... Now i TURNED ON Dhcp server, and after that rebooted the router, changed back the IP to automatic on my pc, and everything is smooth as before...

About the Modems ip, i guess it is a modem/router?, it is a ADSL modem: Pirelli DRG A115...
It is provided from my ISP...and it has DHCP also turned on...

So now my concern is that which is the way that i should leave the configuration set? RINDI suggested me to do all this about turning off DHCP on the router, and i have also read in many parts that there should only be ONE device with DHCP turned on (o dont know the reason why tough...maybe you cane xplain? )... but in my case, i have had it this way for 2 years (with both DHCP turned on) and my internet access has worked...   A friend told me it will also work this way, but that it may generat conflicts, and that my devices might be "loosing packets" or something like that...

I am starting a new question on how to correctly set my Router and network here:

How to set up my Router and Network properly?

And my previous question about the problem that you helped me is:
Configure a Wifi Router in a House, and take it to another house?
Mohammed RahmanCommented:
@unrinoceronte :

You can definitely set DHCP to ON on Modem and also on Wireless Router.

Your cable line will connect to the 4 pin RJ-11 interface of the modem. This will serve as WAN and it will provide Public (WAN) IP to modems WAN interface.

The DHCP of your Modem will provide automatic IPs to the LAN side of it.

** The LAN side IP of Modem will act as WAN side IP of Router. (I may not use statement WAN side of Router, its just for better understanding)

Now, your Wireless Router is also capable of assigning DHCP to its LAN. Hence, if you enable DHCP on Wireless Router, all devices connecting to the network will receive IP from Wireless Router and not the Modem.

There should be NO Conflict at all as both networks (modem and router) Can NEVER be on same subnet (network). Also, your modem is not wifi capable, hence all wireless devices will try to get IP from WiFi router. In case the modem was WiFi capable - wireless clients would have got IPs from either of them and this could have resulted in problem (not necessarily again).

The problem might be this:

You assigned the DHCP scope on Modem as to 0.255 with a subnet of and have assigned the same DHCP scope to wireless router.

Now: Your WAN side of router will get any IP in the range to 0.255 and the LAN side of the Router is also in same range to 0.255 (NO ROUTING).
** Important (Mandatory): For a Router to route traffic, its interfaces MUST NOT be in same network.

You can definitely keep DHCP ON on both devices. Just ensure that the DHCP scope on both is not on same network.
Keep Modem range as to 0.255 and Router's range as to 1.255
or anything of your choice (private IPs - but different subnets :-) )

Hope this helps.
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unrinoceronteAuthor Commented:
Hello, thanks for all your advice.  I  apologize that it took me so long to close this question, but i was overwhelmed with work and i forgot to visit EE....  Your advice here at EE is always helpful, and i appreciate it a lot.

Since so much time has passed, i have to recapitulate and look again at this issue. At the time the internet is working, i know the first answer helped me back then. But as for the further configurations i will need to take some good time and follow your instructions well. As soon as i can, i will deal with this, in the meantime i will close this question sinceboth your answers are helpfull and contain good advices.
unrinoceronteAuthor Commented:
I am sorry, it was a slip, i wanted to assign points to both experts, but somehow i pressed the wrong button. Can this be undone so i can correct this?  

If there is a moderator, please assing 300 to Tailoreddigital, and 200 to mody2579.

Thanks in advance
I just requested Moderator attention to hopefully make the point adjustment you want.

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