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Problem with and viewing registered Routers Info and Config

Hi, i just started using the free service, accesing it via web interface (with Java)... and some very strange thing happens...

I registered my 3 Dlink 905L wireless routers (One is for my house, and 2 for my familys small hotel)... At the time,  i configured the 3 of them here in my house, and i tested, them all...all the 3 where connected in my house to the modem (which it has in itself 4 lan ports), and only sometimes i was able to View the Routers Info and Configuration options in the Web interface... And this was only 1 Router at a time... Of the 3 registered, all of them where viewable, but only one at a time...

I also tried having only 1 router connected to the modem (the other 2 i disconencted them and turned them off...)

I did plenty of "tests" and i determined that the only way to see this ROUTER's Info and Config options on, was IF I HAD "OPENED" or ACCESED, the ROUTERS CONFIGURATION INTERFACE VIA WEB BROWSER with the (192.168.x.x ...) and while in that interface, i then went to another TAB in the web browser, and accesed That way it was the only way...

Does this have any sense? My humble guess is that when i Access the Routers Config Interface via 192.168.x.x on a web browser i am "OPENING" Something... like a port or something ?... that way the service is able to "SEE" that router and access its info and options...  I am sorry but i know very little of routers and networking (now i am realizing that...)

Am i into something with my guess? And also, how can i solve this so i can access the routers without doing that whole process, since the benefit of the MYDLINK.COM service is that i can access it remotely when i am away... and if i am away i will not be able to access the Routers own web browser Config Interface .....

I have already tried taking 2 of the routers to another house (6 kms away), setting them up there (making sure they have internet access), and accesing from here, and the service can not "SEE" them....neither the one connected here in my house...

Note: I have tried this from different computers, pcs, laptops and tablets, and from different web browsers (chrome and firefox)

I appreciate if any of you havas some insight on this strange issue...

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2 Solutions
Jackie ManCommented:
You can see only one router for each location, i.e. a router connected behind a DSL or cable Internet connection. If you connect all three routers at the same location, you will only be seeing one of time, i.e. only the one which you have accessed it lastly.

You need to connect three routers to three different network locations if you want to see all three routers at the same time.

If still no go, your Dlink router should be defective and go to your dealer / vendor for service / refund.

In short, mydlink service is just to help you to reveal the real dynamic IP assigned to it by your ISP so that you can remotely access and manage it.
unrinoceronteAuthor Commented:
Interesting what you mention in your last sentence about revealing the dynamic IP....

About the 3 routers, i have actually (mostly) tested this problem with only 1 router connected to the network....And still the same problem...

Now that you mention, might it be  that if the ADSL MODEM is also in itself a router ( it has 4 lan ports and i know it has DHCP server enabled) this will bne similar situation as the one you refer as to that only 1 router can be accesed each time, and it will be the last one accesed...

That might explain why Mydlink ONLY works after i open the Router's OWN Configuration Interface via web browser with ....

Do you think this might be the problem? If that is so, how can i fix this? i want to be able to use service Mostly to be able to see if the other 2 routers that are now intstalled in my parents hotel are working, and once in a while I want to be able to reboot them via this service..... Or at least one of them as you mention that more than one will not be possible...(Sometimes they call from the hotel to tell me that the internet is down, and will be easier for me just to fix and check that REMOTELY).
Marc ZCommented:
You cannot use unless you are wired directly to that router.  It just won't work for you.    If you want to help remotely fix router,  use something like teamviewer, or Avast antivirus which has built in remote control for assistance.
unrinoceronteAuthor Commented:
Hello, thanks for all your advice.  I  apologize that it took me so long to close this question, but i was overwhelmed with work and i forgot to visit EE....  Your advice here at EE is always helpful, and i appreciate it a lot.

As soon s i git some time i will get inot this issue again.
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