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How to set up my Router and Network properly?

Hello, Basically i want to know how to correctly set up my wireless router...

One important thing is that this is for my home/office... so i need kind of basic things, but i want to do them well.. I need internet for web surfing and email and wahtching videos and movies, etc...I dont Game, nor i want parental control stuff.. etc...But one thing for example  i would like to be able to access the router remotely just in case...(i am trying out a new free service MYDLINK.com ). And also i will like to confiure all the important settings that you consider necessary.... Also in the near future i will like to have REMOTE access to my desktop computer, (in case the router settings have something to do with that...) but i think that it can be achieved with specific applications like LogMein, GotomyPc, or someothers (have not tried them out yet)...

This is my Scenario and Devices:

My Home / Office

- 1 ADSL Modem (it has 4 lan ports, so i guess is a modem/router, and it has DHCP enabled by my ISP company)  Model: Pirelli DRG A115. Its default IP is

- 1 wireless router: Dlink 905 L (it has 4 Lan ports) Its default IP is

- This Router is Registered to use the MYDLINK.com web service (sort of remote access and control of basic configurations)

- One 8 port Switch (very basic, and old one: Encore ENH908-NWY+ )

- 3 computers (WINDOWS XP PRO) connected by ethernet to the switch, which is itself connected by a ethernet cable to one of the Modem's lan ports (or sometimes i connect it to the router's lan port)

- 2 laptops (1 XP PRO , 1 MAcbook Pro Mac OS X) and a tablet (Playbook) that connect to the router via wireless

You dont need to read all the things below from here, but i wrote them just in case they are important for your consideration...

Long Explanation:

 I have been having some issues with the way i have my router and network, and i tought i new a little bit about routers, and because of that i have configured my last 3 or 4 routers myself in the last few years... Now i realized that i know nothing about router configuration...!... i mean, what i new was how to enter the config interface via web browser, set an SSID and password, as well router password... Thats it..

Now i have been told about DHCP , and how it should be only 1 device with that enabled, and some other things, like that i should use the router as a AP, or connect it to the LAN not the WAN, or changing the defaults ip...

Regarding changing the IP, a friend told me that if my modem IP is, my router should be  (But i have it on default Ip : )....I tried doing this on the Routers Configuration Interface, but it didnt let me do that, the warning said: WAN SUBNET CONFLICTS WITH LAN SUBNET . He told me this was important because if i have it like i have it (with and DHCP turned on in both) i might have conflicts and something about "loosing packets"...

So can someone help me in describing the correct method or configuration for my router and network.?

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Thanks in advance.
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2 Solutions
Few things from reading on your equipment

Your ADSL Modem isn't a modem - its a router - therefore when your friend said your modem should be and your router should be they were refering to either 1 of 2 things

1) - they meant your Pirelli DRG was and your DLink 905 was
2) - they meant your MODEM was and then your router was - note in this case this is if you had a MODEM(and not a router, i.e. a standalone modem without routing functionality)

So as you have 2 routers at minute - I assume these aren't connected 'back-to-back'? Which means

Internet - Pirelli WAN - Pirelli LAN - DLink - WAN - internal network

Or are you configured like in your original post where you are using both routers connected to a cable modem(which I thought you said)?

The 'WAN Subnet conflicts with LAN subnet' is a normal message if you try to put both WAN and LAN on the SAME subnet...so that's by design
1. What I'd probably do first is to replace your current Modem/Router with the wireless Router. This removes a point of failure you could run into The only reason to have both is the added Ethernet ports, but you already have enough of them available for your LAN. Just make sure you can use the same logon settings on the wireless Router for it's WAN side as you can on the modem, so you can connect to your ISP.

2. For the wireless part of the Router, make sure you are using WPA2-PSK, and if possible AES and not TKIP, as that is more secure. Disable WPS on the router, as with that on the system can easily be cracked. Use a long passphrase with mixed letters and numbers and capitals, and don't use anything that can be found in a dictionary. Don't hide the SSID or use MAC filtering, as either don't increase the security, they actually decrease it.

3. If you really need a dynamic DNS service for the router, check it's configuration possibilities, most of them have built in agents for services like DynDNS etc. Personally I don't think you really need this though, since you can still reach the router via logmein or teamviewer (which I prefer, as it works with Linux too), when one of your Internal PC's is running.

4. When you take the router to another house, you'll have to set up it's WAN settings for the new ISP's login specifics, then replace that modem at that house with the new router Otherwise things should work fine. If this is only to be temporary, it would probably be better to get an Access Point and not a wireless router to move around with.
Just going over this again I've discovered that you have 2 routers...not a modem and 2 routers...

1) Pirelli DRG A115 - this is an ADSL router(modem&router all in one)
2) DLink 905 L - this is a DSL router(WAN port is a RJ45 type connection for a regular network cable)

So to use these 2 routers on the same network you connect the DLink to the Pirelli by LAN-LAN - not LAN-WAN(Pirelli LAN - DLink WAN)

Switch off DHCP on the DLink

This will basically mean your Pirelli is the main router on the network - the DLink is then just an AP(since we aren't using the WAN port) - setup the wifi SSID and password the same and you now have a router working as an AP...

I originally thought you had a cable modem - then 2 routers(the Pirelli and the DLink) - but in fact you have a router with modem builtin which is where I was confused(am refering to the previous question)

Any questions let me know
unrinoceronteAuthor Commented:
Hello, thanks for all your advice.  I  apologize that it took me so long to close this question, but i was overwhelmed with work and i forgot to visit EE....  Your advice here at EE is always helpful, and i appreciate it a lot.

For this issue, i think i still have some more further doubts, but your answers here are already helpful. So since there has passed so much time, i will close this question and later i will strat a new one with a similar topic, as soon as i have some extra time to get into this.

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