SBS 2003 Sharepoint to SBS2011 Sharepoint - best way?

Hi all,

I have an old SBS2003 which is now decomissioned, the end user after 2 weeks announced they were using the companyweb/sharepoint feature, so I need to extract the sharepoint site and restore to their new SBS2011 production server.

Can you advise of the best way to do this?

The old SBS2003 server is still fully bootable etc.
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dec0mpileConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can find the instructions for this on page 46 of the migration document.
unrealone1Author Commented:
Thanks. Is there no easier way to do this. e.g. copy the documents and excel applications?

It's just sharepoint I need to move, nothing else.
If you don’t want to get any pages or settings then you can open the Document library in Explorer view (I'm pretty sure you need to have this update on 2003 to get explorer view) and then copy the files out.
unrealone1Author Commented:
Any other options?
unrealone1Author Commented:
all good suggestions
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