2.XD 5.6 - XenDesktop Controllers

We have XD 5.6 FP1

We installed 2 Xendesktop controllers , as checked it was stated as best practice in most of the documents.

My Doubts:

1.Which XenDesktop Controller is the primary (if there is any such concept of primary and secondary)
2.Which XDC will the virtual machine uses to register.
3.Is the failover automatic (if one of the XDC dies)
4.Controller discovery is registry based , shall i enable AD based discovery.
5.Can i load balance between the 2 XCD's and how
6.How to check which XDC is servicing the users currently.
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-There is no primary or secondary.  There is a primary or secondary in regards to XML functionality when communicating with Web Interface/StoreFront.

-The VDA will register with whichever Controllers you specify during the installation/configuration of the VDA.  Ideally you specify both so that the VDA is able to register with either Controller should one of them not be available.

-Failover is automatic.

-Registry registration is the preferred.  It is the fastest and seems to be the most foolproof.

-The XenDesktop console will show which Controller a VDA has registered with.
The benefit of AD over Registry based controller is, you do not have to manually specify controller on the VDA. With AD, you will need a OU, that has a group where you can add multiple controller if you have. Addition of future controllers in easy with this method. To use AD based controller, you need to enable scripts in the powershell in studio, need OUs, etc
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