configure NTP on cisco switch

Dear All,
As a part of a technical operation i was asked to configure NTP on the NW core switch.

I dont know how this could be done...i didnt work with switches configuration before so i dont know how this could be done

The switch is Cisco catalyst 3560 , i appreciate your help with detailed steps.
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mostabdoAuthor Commented:
All the commands are ok but you have to connect using Hyper terminal and not though telnet
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
ntp server <ip address> version <ntp version>

Configuration guide
mostabdoAuthor Commented:
here is what i did :

I used telnet to connect to the swirch
entered the telnet password (which i defined from the switch web interface)
i typed switch>enable to enter the enter privileged exec mode and add the NTP server
i got no password defined

now i am stuck i dont know what is the next step to enter the enter privileged exec mode
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
copy run start

show ntp status
show ntp assoc
mostabdoAuthor Commented:
A had to find the trick by connecting through hyper terminal not through telnet which is not mentioned in any other comment.
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