MS Word background save in VBA

Is there a way to execute a background save in MS Word 2003 via VBA?
ActiveDocument.Save  and ActiveDocument.SaveAs will save the document but the user has to wait until the save is complete unlike clicking on the save icon which allows the user to edit the document while the save executes (background save is turned on). In fact, VBA execution pauses while the save completes. Even code before the ActiveDocument.Save command pauses execution while the save completes. Is there a way to avoid this?
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Save and SaveAs both work in the foreground, and SaveAs would also require making a copy (plus a target name and location)

Personally I don't believe you can invoke the 'background save' via VBA - I did some hunting yesterday and found nothing to suggest you can access the inbuilt background save.
Maybe it exists (perhaps by some undocumented hook?) but could not find it.
Berkson WeinTech FreelancerCommented:
The problem is that the Save process executes in the same thread.  I >>believe<< that the SaveAs (Or SaveAs2) is asynchronous so that should return immediately.  Are you sure that SaveAs doesn't work either?
thenelsonAuthor Commented:
For some reason my response to weinberk did not get saved.

Save and SaveAs both change the mouse cursor to an hourglass for a few seconds and editing is paused during that time. SaveAs2 allows editing almost immediately but the file modified time does not change and when I close the document immediately after running SaveAs Word asks if I want to save the document so I don't think it is doing anything.

I did discover a solution to the problem "Even code before the ActiveDocument.Save command pauses execution while the save completes." by placing a DoEvents just before the Save command.

Yes, I too spent some time searching for a solution before posting the question. I am hoping someone knows about some undocumented something.
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:) given it's Word 2003 that's plenty of time for undocumented stuff to emerge.
Whilst I do not claim vast knowledge in this area, nor that my searches were exhaustive, I wouldn't be betting on finding this elusive feature. (but then I don't bet much anyway.)

good luck - I'll watch on to see if some gold nugget does arrive. Cheers, Paul
thenelsonAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

There was no answer
Berkson WeinTech FreelancerCommented:
There was an answer, and I don't think this should be closed.  PortletPaul wrote: "Personally I don't believe you can invoke the 'background save' via VBA"
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