RDP connection from XP to Windows Server 2003


I have a domain user who can't RDP from a specific Windows XP machine into a Windows Server 2003 with Terminal Server running. I'm getting error message "The system could not log you one, make sure the user and password are correct".

I tried the following;
- changed the user's password
- changed the xp computer name
- changed the xp ip address
- created new test user on AD, also not accepted
- restarted both DC and TS Server

Any ideas is greatly appreciated.

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czarbaporaAuthor Commented:
The user has been member of RDP user group.
I figured it out, when the user is on RDP session login prompt, the shift key doesn't work. What a silly problem, I spend so much time troubleshooting and thought so deep.

Thank you anyway.
Have you added that user to remote desktop users group? / have a remote access group to be accepted?
haha dam you complex passwords ! ah thats good to know for future reference
czarbaporaAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your quick response.
Chris DavisFounder & CTOCommented:
Thanks must be an XP thing suddenly none of my XP clients could connect but Win7 could.
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