HP DL160G6 non genuine drives


I have a HP DL160 G6 and I am thinking about putting non genuine drives in it. The server is not used in a production enviroment, so I do not see the need to pay $500+ per disk. I just want to put in 3 x 4TB 7200 SATA drives. Has anyone done this? if so what do I need to do/get to install them?


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DavidConnect With a Mentor PresidentCommented:
You could instead get 4 x 2TB enterprise SAS drives. Those will work OK w/o the HP firmware and while there would be some issues with possibly reporting full error information, the firmware is good enough that you won't be risking lockups.

lots of ES.2 Seagate constellation 2TB SAS drives on Ebay in the $125-$150 range.  These drives will also be significantly faster than the SATA due to the fact they are dual-ported, and have much smarter firmware to increase parallelism.  

Do that instead.  But you will have to find carriers for them, but that probably won't be much of an issue as I see them online all of the time.
If you are going to use the RAID functions of your RAID controller with your disks, you will need to buy enterprise class disks, or the array won't work reliably. If you aren't going to use the controller's RAID functions, you can use standard disks, or if you are going to use your OS's built-in RAID 1 functions, you can also use non-enterprise class disks.
mark_06Author Commented:
I want to use the RAID 5. What reasonably priced disk would you recommend?
Also how do I install it in the HP server?
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The disks listed in the Link below should all be enterprise class drives:


I don't use that particular server, but most servers use hot-swap caddies for their drives which are easily accessible from the front of the server, without having to open the server. Usually such caddies can be acquired separately without drives. All you then need to do is mount your drives into those caddies.
mark_06Author Commented:
Ok, thanks for that. I know that HP send the server with empty filller caddys, can I use these? or do I have to try and buy special ones?
rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, they are usually just front cover blinds. They don't have any mounting possibilities. You'd need something like in the Link below:

mark_06Author Commented:
thanks for that :D
Go HP disks, or use a different controller. Reason?  I guarantee the firmware isn't correct.  Firmware matters a heck of a lot, especially with SATA.  Just having enterprise class drives isn't enough, especially with 4TB drives.   Getting the error recovery retry algorithms and timing limits is vital, and I know what you want to purchase can't possibly match.

Once you get to disks over the 2.09TB threshold, then it means the SATA disks have to use the 16-byte SCSI commands in the SATA bridge inside the controller.  Things really change here and the tolerance for appropriate emulations change. Default limits for certain commands won't match.

If it is too much money, then one can just as much make the argument that a DL160 is too much money and you can get the same job done with a $199 non-name desktop PC you buy at a WalMart.
mark_06Author Commented:
Well to start WalMart are not in Australia and they don't sell rack mount computers that are 1RU, Lol. As I said this is non production, however has to be 1RU due to space. I guess we could just go 4 x 2TB drives if that would solve the issue. It's a trade off between space and price. I am also looking at using a NAS for storage using iscsi however this requires more rack space.
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