Hi,  I am looking for suggestions to secure folders on my PC.  That is, I would like to be able to prevent unauthorized  people from looking at certain folders on my PC.  I have used techniques and products like,  ZoneAlarm's File & Folder Lock that  basically encrypt the files in the folder being secured.  The problem is that it takes a long time to lock a multi-file folder and even longer to unlock it.  I am looking to be able to lock the folder instantly and to unlock it instantly.  I am using PCs in a Win 7 64 bit  Home Premium, Home Professional & Ultimate and Win 8 64 bit Home Premium environment. As always your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Clarke
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TymetwisterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can just go into the properties of the folder, Security tab, and set which users have access to it.
McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Let's not start before you tell us who/what you are protecting against.
For example, the best protection could be in vain if your kids would be able to boot the machine using certain CDs, activate the admin account and/or install a keylogger. They would be able to record any keystroke.

It's mandatory to encrypt the whole drive first, if you ask me.
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CLARKESRAuthor Commented:
Thank you folks,

Tymetwister:  I have used that method, but it is to cumbersome and restrictive.

Jcimarron:  I will look at the links you provided.

McKnife:  Let's just say I am talking about my personal home PCs.  I already monitor daily any changes to my PC.  I am an old guy so kids are not a problem.  I go back and forth a lot between different locations for days/weeks at a time and I want extra PC protection when I am away from a given site.  My hard drives that I am concerned about are physically secured in a safe place when I am not using my PCs or are not at a given location.   I use external Sata & USB 3.0 -  3.5 inch disks using X-drives, for example,  for sensitive data.  As far as I am concerned anyone could have the hard drives in my PCs.  That is, I am only concerned about a limited number of folders on the drives mounted on my PCs for convenience when I am at a given PC

Regards, Clarke.
Encrypt the whole drives, that would be the least effort and a real protection against physical access. Truecrypt can be taken and is free. Bitlocker can be used on win8 pro or 7 ultimate.
CLARKESRAuthor Commented:
Hi folks,   Thank you for your help.  I feel I could use Protected Folder, Folder Password Expert, Lock A Folder or File & folder Lock.  They are all about the same and seem to fall into either the encrypt (slower) or hide (faster) groups.  I have also started just using 7-Zip with the password feature enabled.  It appears to be just as fast or faster than the encrypt products and also saves storage space.  thanks again,  Clarke
CLARKESR--You are welcome.
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