Connect a fan that is not "pre-wired" to system board

The fan in our tape drive / autoloader died.  It is a Dell Powervault 124T.  I ordered a new fan from the only place I could find it and it did not come pre-wired.  It does look like it is diffucult to wire I just need the right parts.  Can you tell me what the little black sleeve the power wires slide into are called.  That is a common connector in PC land I just don't know what it is called and hence don't know what to search for.  

Also the green arrow points to a little metal sleeve that the power wire goes into before you put in the black adapter.  What is that called.

Is there anyway to determine what order the three wires need to be when connecting to the board, I forgot to take a picture before I removed the original fan :(
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Darr247Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Those are called "crimp-on terminals" and there are literally thousands of different styles and sizes. Instead of trying to find the exact type and gender, I would buy a fan connector (e.g. ), check that the wires go to the correct location on the connector against the old fan... cut the new harness in half, strip a half inch or so of insulation, slip a couple inches of 1/8'' shrink wrap and solder like colors together, then slide the shrink tubing in place and hit it with a heat gun (some hair dryers can output enough heat to shrink it) or crimp (using "butt-connector terminals") together the same-color wires from the fan to the connector that attaches to the motherboard.  You should be able to get 22-24 AWG butt connectors at the local hardware, so you don't have to buy a box of 100 for 3 of them.

If you *really* want to try replacing just the terminal, it's likely this one:
3 of those would be $1.08, or 100 of them would be $11.50. Plus shipping.
gt2847cSr. Security ConsultantCommented:
Fry's tends to have these...  They are crimp connectors that typically go in Molex type plugs...

Here's a link to check

Without having exact measurements, I'm not sure which ones you'll need, but if you have a Fry's nearby, you can take your pieces over and compare them.
gt2847cConnect With a Mentor Sr. Security ConsultantCommented:
As for the wiring, a three wire plug is generally +12V (or +5V), Ground and a tachometer (velocity).  Red, Black and Yellow are common where Red is +12V, Black is Ground and Yellow is the tach.  With the colors you have White might be the tach, but hard to say for certain.  As to which pins on the board go with which wire, you may have to get a multi-meter and test it unless you can find detailed documentation on your specific unit.
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☠ MASQ ☠Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You're looking for a three pin header plug and wire crimp pins

The three wires are ground, +12v and tacho (speed controller)
The red wire goes into the centre pin, then with the flat surface of the plug away from you the white tacho wire is on the left and the common ground on the right.
andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You forgot to take a picture of the old one but there are some on the web,
dmwynneAuthor Commented:
Wow, awesome answers everyone, I wish I could give everyone all the points.  I think I am going to hedge my bets and order the crimps and another fan with the connector already on it.  This way I can attempt crimping and have a backup fan to use.
dmwynneAuthor Commented:
While I am awaiting the fan and crimps I ordered I found this at  a local shop:

Can I wire red to red, black to black, and yellow to white and connect to the board or is the board expecting to have red in the middle?
It has different keying than the ones in the photo I posted,Fan
Look at the old fan to compare and ensure the right color wires go to the right pins.
dmwynneAuthor Commented:
I ended up pulling the wires out from the molex plug and changing the order to match the fan.  Connected them using some heatshrink with solder and as of right now I have a working tape drive again.  Thanks for the help everyone!
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