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We are planning to implement Citrix XenDesktop VDI solution (win 7 32 bit OS) spec 3 GB memory, 1 Proc and 80 GB persistent disk, hosted on VMware hypervisor. Should we go for XD 5.6 or XD 7? And how should we estimation of Internet Bandwidth requirements, considering 300 users are scattered across different regions in Austaralia? and estimate IOPS required?

Please advise.

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Gopi Prasad
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Yes, XD 7 will be available from late June. You can do a PoC and can start with XD7. Reason is, you now have the latest version and we are running 2008. XD7 also supports win server 2012. Going forward, we will have to somehow migrate the environment, so you can better do a PoC and go with the results.

You can use Citrix desktop accelerator program to find the h/w, storage, IOPS requirements:

Note: When create a project, and navigate through each phases, you will come across Design phase. Under the design phase, you will see a section called design platform layer. Under that you will see calculate your hardware needs. There you can find a sheet to download named Hardware storage calculator. Once you download and save it as XLS format, you will be able to input the details, which gives you hardware, storage, IOPS and other network related requirements.
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Please advise.
vmwarun - ArunCommented:
To put it in a nutshell, design requirements also depend on what type of desktops are being provisioned (streamed, pooled or assigned)? Other specs include
1.Which method of provisioning is used? MCS or Machine Creation Services in case only virtual machines are needed or PVS in case both VMs and physical machines need to be managed?
2. The type of storage which will be used for deployment (NAS is fine, SAN if already being used)
3.How is the current network setup configured? DMZ? Trust, etc?

As per your requirement of 300 users, 2 web interface servers, 2 Delivery controllers and 2 Provisioning servers should be able to take the load.

Use the following URL to determine what hypervisors are supported for XD 5 and PVS 6.1.

I suggest that you do a PoC with XD 5.6 and PVS 6.1 so that you can deploy them now if its an immediate requirement. XD 7 has not been released to manufacturing and would be available in Q2, 2013.
To run 300 windows 7 machines you need a kinda of big SAN (24 optical disks or so) or a SSD-based storage.

You will need in general,~200 iops when starting desktop and then 10-100iops to get a neat experiance. But thats very hard to calculate, it depends a lot of your userprograms and what your users do.

The best way should be that you have a big fast readcache on the SAN, forexample a ddr-accelerationcard or a couple of SSDs infront of optical drives, for examle L2-arc zfs.
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