Having to manually specify DNS server on each PC - WinSvr 2008 domain

In our LAN, unless I manually specify the following settings on each workstation, users cannot login/access share drives.

Primary DNS: (W2K8 Domain Controller)
Alternative DNS:

If I only specify the primary DNS to point to, then share drives are accessible however no internet access is available. So I point the alternative to Google's DNS.

Of-course the above practice is not recommended and causes issues with users taking their laptops home.

Why does this happen? Why cant the workstations talk to the DNS server on the W2K8 DC?

Please help
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vivigattConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to:
- Enable DNS forwarders in your local DNS
- Specify the DNS list to use in DHCP configuration (DHCP option 6 "DNS servers", not DHCP option 5 "name servers")
Mike RoeCommented:
setup dhcp and add dns as the 2008 server

Or push them out with group policy
Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | Network | DNS Client

Setup a forwarder to point to the in the server dns
cgruberAuthor Commented:
DHCP and DNS are setup in 2008 server already.

but not all client computers are joined to the domain. some are visitors who come in with laptops, connect to the office wi-fi and then try to browse the internet/access specific files on a share folder.

i believe gpo will not work unless the pc is joined to the domain.
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Mike RoeCommented:
add dhcp to the wireless and add the dns there
-Setup your Scope in DHCP to provide internal DNS server in Scope Options. (Option 006)
-In your DNS Server select proprieties, then in forwarders, point to external dns.
-restart DNS Server Service on dns service
-restart Workstations to update new Scope options or IPconfig /Release and ipconfig /renew
cgruberAuthor Commented:
006 DNS Servers points to
this is your problem
006 dns server need to be
and your dns server forwarder to external dns
cgruberAuthor Commented:
done and done

will test in the morning and advise.

I think is solve
right now with 006 option pointing to, you have all workstations query themselves for all DNS Request.
Michael MachieFull-time technical multi-taskerCommented:
Nevermind this post, I got distracted and did not finish my post before others added their comments and I have no immediate delete option.
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