lost the favorites button on IE 10 upgrade

Hi I updated my coworkers pc's over the weekend and some of them had IE 8 still installed. I ran all the windows updates (except the dumb bing bar) but some people do not like how there is no favorites button on IE 10. Even when I enable the favorites toolbar  by right clicking on the top menu and checking off the favorites button, it only brings the "add to favorites" icon up allong with some other icons. Is there a way to get the old style how the favorites were on IE 8?

Below is a screenshot of what I am talking about.

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They moved it to,
From your screenshot it appears you are running XP, IE10 won't install on XP (neither will IE9)
Are you looking for a favorites toolbar like this article suggests?:

"Show or hide the Favorites bar in Internet Explorer":

http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/show-or-hide-the-favorites-bar-in-internet-explorer >
I think what you're talking about is the Menu bar, which you can turn on or off as described on this page:

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Or doing it in Internet Explorer is explained on this page:

hydrive1902--Total confusion here.
Your screenshot is of an IE 8 window--Presumably running on Win XP.  
You say you installed IE 10, but as has been posted you cannot install IE10 (or IE9) on Win XP.
So what in version of IE in what version of Windows do you want to display the Favorites panel--presumably down the left side?

If you are running IE9 or IE10 you already have the answer to click the Star at the top right.

If you are running whatever IE/OS you show in the screenshot, have you tried just clicking the "GoldStar" next to Favorites shown in your screenshot?  Alternatively you can click /alt+C .

Right clicking in the menubar gives you an option for Favorites Bar, not Favorites.
hydrive1902, any feedback?
"you already have the answer to click the Star at the top right"
That will put the Favorites panel on the right side.  If you want it on the left side, click the little green arrow at the top.

"Alternatively you can click /alt+C"  That should read alt+C.  No /
hydrive1902Author Commented:
Ahh I see, sorry for the confusion everyone.

I was talking about my co workers computers where the icon is missing, I personally still use xp for my own computer, and they wanted the favorites icon like I had on my IE. I took the screen shots off of my laptop just to show what I was talking about.

But as several people referance, the button on the top right corner near the exit button is what we were looking for. Also read that controll shift and i also bring the menu up.

thanks again everyone!
hydrive1902--Glad to have helped.  Thanks for your explanation.
Control+Shift+i does not work for me.
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