How to hide row in TcxCardView grid if checkbox value is null?

I have a product page with a 'Material' cardView grid listing the different wood species each product is available ie Cherry, Oak, Walnut etc. and each column is either NULL, True or False.

When the form shows, the card appears correctly only checking those marked True but I want to HIDE the other options that are either False or NULL.  

It is a vertical card view grid, single record only per Product Page.

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BiancaConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Found an option to 'HideNull' in the grid. Simple solution after all!
Geert GruwezOracle dbaCommented:
you only want to leave the checked rows visible ?
the rest hidden ?
Geert GruwezOracle dbaCommented:
ah lol, didn't get there yet :)
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