plugin to display media files

I'm working with a church and this is the second request on how to display their mp3 and potential video files.  I've seen the layout several times and would like to know if I need to build the layout or if a plugin exists.  a sample can be seen at the link below.
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axessJoshConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I actually couldn't find a good plugin so I went ahead and designed it myself on the page to display.  thanks.
I use this plugin which allows a set of images and can be video or music
axessJoshAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the plugin link, i'll add that to our list, but I am still looking to find something that lays out the media more closely to the link i provided.  It's looking like I'll have to build that integration myself.
axessJoshAuthor Commented:
the other comments were not helpful for hte solution.
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