C to VB.Net Conversion Issue

Posted on 2013-06-19
Last Modified: 2013-06-19
Working on a program, I have code that is in C that I need in my program.  I used a converter but having issues..

The problem is this line:

C Code:
  public MainForm()

            Gps = new GpsHandler { TimeOut = 5 }; //Initialize GPS handler
            Gps.NewGpsFix += GpsEventHandler; //Hook up GPS data events to a handler
            FrmGpsSettings = new FrmGpsSettings();
        public static GpsHandler Gps;

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It converts into this for VB.Net

Public Sub New()

	Gps = New GpsHandler() With { _
		Key .TimeOut = 5 _
	'Initialize GPS handler
	Gps.NewGpsFix += GpsEventHandler
	'Hook up GPS data events to a handler
	FrmGpsSettings = New FrmGpsSettings()
End Sub
Public Shared Gps As GpsHandler

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The error is here:

Gps.NewGpsFix += GpsEventHandler
Argument not specified for parameter 'e' of 'Private Sub GpsEventHandler(sender As Object, e As Ares.SharperGps.GpsHandler.GpsEventArgs)'.

Here is the GpsHandler code.. I do get an error as well on the 'BeginInvoke' line (Expression does not produce a value error).

I can upload the whole source code if needed.

Private Sub GpsEventHandler(sender As Object, e As GpsHandler.GpsEventArgs)

        If InvokeRequired Then
            ' Execute the same method, but this time on the GUI thread
            BeginInvoke(New ThreadStart(Function() GpsEventHandler(sender, e)))
        End If
        tbRawLog.Text += e.Sentence + vbCr & vbLf
        If tbRawLog.Text.Length > 20 * 1024 * 1024 Then
            '20Kb maximum - prevents crash
            tbRawLog.Text = tbRawLog.Text.Substring(10 * 1024 * 1024)
        End If
        'Scroll to bottom
        Select Case e.TypeOfEvent
            Case GpsEventType.GPRMC
                'Recommended minimum specific GPS/Transit data
                If Gps.HasGpsFix Then
                    'Is a GPS fix available?
                    'lbRMCPosition.Text = GPS.GPRMC.Position.ToString("#.000000");
                    lbRMCPosition.Text = Gps.GPRMC.Position.ToString("DMS")
                    lbRMCCourse.Text = Gps.GPRMC.Course.ToString()
                    lbRMCSpeed.Text = Gps.GPRMC.Speed + " mph"
                    lbRMCTimeOfFix.Text = Gps.GPRMC.TimeOfFix.ToString("F")
                    lbRMCMagneticVariation.Text = Gps.GPRMC.MagneticVariation.ToString()
                    StatusBar1.Text = "No fix"
                    lbRMCCourse.Text = "N/A"
                    lbRMCSpeed.Text = "N/A"
                    lbRMCTimeOfFix.Text = Gps.GPRMC.TimeOfFix.ToString()
                End If
                Exit Select
            Case GpsEventType.GPGGA
                'Global Positioning System Fix Data
                If Gps.GPGGA.Position IsNot Nothing Then
                    lbGGAPosition.Text = Gps.GPGGA.Position.ToString("DM")
                    lbGGAPosition.Text = ""
                End If
                lbGGATimeOfFix.Text = Gps.GPGGA.TimeOfFix.Hour + ":" + Gps.GPGGA.TimeOfFix.Minute + ":" + Gps.GPGGA.TimeOfFix.Second
                lbGGAFixQuality.Text = Gps.GPGGA.FixQuality.ToString()
                lbGGANoOfSats.Text = Gps.GPGGA.NoOfSats.ToString()
                lbGGAAltitude.Text = Gps.GPGGA.Altitude & " " & Gps.GPGGA.AltitudeUnits
                lbGGAHDOP.Text = Gps.GPGGA.Dilution.ToString()
                lbGGAGeoidHeight.Text = Gps.GPGGA.HeightOfGeoid.ToString()
                lbGGADGPSupdate.Text = Gps.GPGGA.DGPSUpdate.ToString()
                lbGGADGPSID.Text = Gps.GPGGA.DGPSStationID
                Exit Select
            Case GpsEventType.GPGLL
                'Geographic position, Latitude and Longitude
                lbGLLPosition.Text = Gps.GPGLL.Position.ToString()
                lbGLLTimeOfSolution.Text = (If(Gps.GPGLL.TimeOfSolution.HasValue, Gps.GPGLL.TimeOfSolution.Value.Hours + ":" + Gps.GPGLL.TimeOfSolution.Value.Minutes.ToString() + ":" + Gps.GPGLL.TimeOfSolution.Value.Seconds.ToString(), ""))
                lbGLLDataValid.Text = Gps.GPGLL.DataValid.ToString()
                Exit Select
            Case GpsEventType.GPGSA
                'GPS DOP and active satellites
                If Gps.GPGSA.Mode = "A"c Then
                    lbGSAMode.Text = "Auto"
                ElseIf Gps.GPGSA.Mode = "M"c Then
                    lbGSAMode.Text = "Manual"
                    lbGSAMode.Text = ""
                End If
                lbGSAFixMode.Text = Gps.GPGSA.FixMode.ToString()
                lbGSAPRNs.Text = ""
                If Gps.GPGSA.PRNInSolution.Count > 0 Then
                    For Each prn As String In Gps.GPGSA.PRNInSolution
                        lbGSAPRNs.Text += prn + " "
                    lbGSAPRNs.Text += "none"
                End If
                lbGSAPDOP.Text = Gps.GPGSA.PDOP + " (" + DOPtoWord(Gps.GPGSA.PDOP) + ")"
                lbGSAHDOP.Text = Gps.GPGSA.HDOP + " (" + DOPtoWord(Gps.GPGSA.HDOP) + ")"
                lbGSAVDOP.Text = Gps.GPGSA.VDOP + " (" + DOPtoWord(Gps.GPGSA.VDOP) + ")"
                Exit Select
            Case GpsEventType.GPGSV
                'Satellites in view
                If NMEAtabs.Text = "GPGSV" Then
                    'If NMEAtabs.TabPages(NMEAtabs.SelectedIndex).Text = "GPGSV" Then
                    'Only update this tab when it is active
                End If
                Exit Select
            Case GpsEventType.PGRME
                'Garmin proprietary sentences.
                'lbRMEHorError.Text = Gps.PGRME.EstHorisontalError.ToString()
                'lbRMEVerError.Text = Gps.PGRME.EstVerticalError.ToString()
                'lbRMESphericalError.Text = Gps.PGRME.EstSphericalError.ToString()
                Exit Select
            Case GpsEventType.TimeOut
                'Serialport timeout.
                StatusBar1.Text = "Serialport timeout"
                Exit Select
        End Select

    End Sub

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Accepted Solution

sedgwick earned 500 total points
ID: 39259405
Public Sub New()

	Gps = New GpsHandler() With { _
		Key .TimeOut = 5 _
	'Initialize GPS handler
	 AddHandler Gps.NewGpsFix, AddressOf GpsEventHandler 

	'Hook up GPS data events to a handler
	FrmGpsSettings = New FrmGpsSettings()
End Sub
Public Shared Gps As GpsHandler

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Author Comment

ID: 39259528
Thank you for the quick response!  That cleared that error, what about this one?

BeginInvoke(New ThreadStart(Function() GpsEventHandler(sender, e)))
Expression does not produce a value.

I will be reading up on this, still an amateur with

Author Comment

ID: 39259543
Nevermind, got it!!

BeginInvoke(New ThreadStart(Sub() GpsEventHandler(sender, e)))


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