Exchange 2003 Storage Group wont mount after reboot

Hi there

We have a Storage group that wont mount, throwing out ESE events 494 and 454.

The following has been checked:

eseutil /mh on on DBs in that store......all are in clean shut down and no logs are required

eseutil /ml e00 on the log for that SG..... all logs intact no errors

the edb and stm files seem intact and are in the correct locations

what next? we have been having issues with he backups on this SG, as a result there is a large number of log files. could this be the problem?

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jafar54Author Commented:
So this was resolved by the following:

- stop info store
- copy out all non .edb and .stm files to TEMP folder
- copy out all logs for the SG to Temp folder
- restart info store service
- mount DB
jafar54Author Commented:
is it as simple as moving out the transaction logs as detailed here..... ??
Alexander KireevIT ArchitectCommented:

Do you have enough free disk space on Drive with transaction logs? If so, a lot of logs files is not problem.

All Exchange services works?

Could you send the full error event text?

If your database not large, you can copy to temp folder and try to repair main database with "eseutil /p D:\Database\DB01.edb".
After repair you must defrag the database with "eseutl /d D:\Database\DB01.edb".

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It seems database path is missing.  Please refer this article and also check any Hard Disk bad sector issue.
jafar54Author Commented:
Does anyone know if there is a limit as to the number of log files once can gather when using circular logging. ie if your backup doesn't run and truncate those logs, could this eventually cause such a problem?
jafar54Author Commented:
the fix
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