add docx into acrobat


I want to add a docx file into acrobat but there is no option to add this file type ?
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jagguyConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
no this didnt work.
I have found the answer as it is no answer and you cant add docx to acrobat
Haresh NikumbhSr. Tech leadCommented:
you mean to say you want to convert Docx file in to PDF?
jagguyAuthor Commented:
I am inserting multiple files in a big pdf and I notice I cant insert a docx file
In Acrobat open up the Pages view on the left side of the document so it shows a thumbnail of all the pages in your existing pdf.  Then, just drag the docx file from windows explorer into that pane underneath the last page, or between the pages where you want the docx to be inserted.  Acrobat will take care of converting it and inserting the converted pages.
jagguyAuthor Commented:
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