How to see .php in browser?

Hello all.

Once i could right click and run in chrome with all my .php files. That was how i tested my website.

Now i cant :S I just cant anymore. It only shows me text.

What should i do? I just wanna see my .php file being executed as a webpage and not text.
Mike KristensenIT administratorAsked:
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Are you sure you don't already have IIS installed? If you are using Skype that will also take over port 80 - which you have to change.
Ray PaseurCommented:
Please post a link to the URL that illustrates the problem, thanks.
PHP has to be parsed through a server, you cannot just load it directly in a browser. So maybe you had some plugin installed that loaded it through localhost instead of directly.
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Mike KristensenIT administratorAuthor Commented:
Plugin? Where should that plugin be?

So how to parsed it through a server? Do i have to install anything?
Mike KristensenIT administratorAuthor Commented:
I used to just write all my code in notepad++ and then upload it. Its hard to understand that i suddenly have to install something, when this simple solution have served me for 8 years or 3 homepages.
I don't know - I've never come across anything like that.
You need either IIS (Windows) with the php extension or something like XAMPP (Apache)
Then you can execute php through http://localhost/page.php

HTML can be displayed directly in a browser because it has no server side scripting.
You're changing the question now, you said you loaded the file directly in a browser, now you are talking about uploading the file somewhere...?
Mike KristensenIT administratorAuthor Commented:
I loaded file into browser, in test's... After that i uploaded my website.

I installed XAMPP, and trying to launch Apache now. But it is shutting down, telling me some port is blocked.. SIGH.
Mike KristensenIT administratorAuthor Commented:
I dont know. IIS? Can IIS execute .php correctly?

How to change port 80 in skype?
Jagadishwor DulalBraces MediaCommented:
There is xampp-portcheck.exe you can see which servic is using the port 80 or you can configure port in php.ini file.
Mike KristensenIT administratorAuthor Commented:
"Advanced in skype" uncheck "use port 80" close skype.

Start Apache and now it works. Skype aswell using some port 40427.

Thx you all, you made my day, very fast....
I will help all i know, with this problem....

For you to know, my project right now is to make my website into a theme in wordpress. :)
Mike KristensenIT administratorAuthor Commented:
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for the following reason:

HTML files can be executed directly with a browser, but .php cant.

You have to install XAMPP and run Apache which would work as some local host for the .php files.
If Apache wont start, its prop... due to port 80 being used by Skype. You can change that port in skype.

All .php files needs to be stored in the htdocs folder, inside of the XAMPP folder, prop... found on main HDD.

You can now launch the .php files by simple telling it to run in a specific browser or by entering http://localhost/index.php (index.php being your .php file), in the URL bar.
You don't accept your own answer when someone else gave you the answer, just accept the correct answer, being about Skype taking over port 80
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