windows 7 30 second wait for domain before logon

we have a 2003 ad / domain.  i have folder redirection enabled for "my documents" and offline files for mobile users (laptops).  when laptops are not connected to the domain, windows 7 takes about 35 seconds from password entry to desktop view (it takes about 5 seconds when they are connected to the domain / network)

i'd like to get rid of this delay but can't find the magic bullet, i've tried

registry: CachedLogonsCount in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon\ set to 10

local gp Computer Configuration" -> "Administrative Templates" -> "System" -> "Logon" -> "Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon

local gp Administrative Templates" -> "System" -> "Group Policy" -> set "Startup policy processing wait time

and the one that i really thought would work but didn't was

local gp Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > User Profiles > Set Maximum wait time for the network if a user has a roaming user profile or remote home directory

anyone have any ideas?
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SandeshdubeyConnect With a Mentor Senior Server EngineerCommented:
Try installing this hotfix if applicable and check how does it work:
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Check DNS - is the only DNS server that the clients point to your windows server ?
scrabyAuthor Commented:
my problem is not network related.  you have to understand that when they are logging on they are either not connected to any network or are connected to a home network of some sort so dns is not the issue.

when the laptops are in the office on the lan connected to the domain, logons are quick, but when they go out of the office and logon using cached credentials w7 still waits for connectivity to the domain before it uses cached credentials, i'd like to get rid of this 30+ second wait
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SandeshdubeyConnect With a Mentor Senior Server EngineerCommented:
I think 35 seconday delay is normal when the client computer is offline.If the files and folder are avaialable offline then this seems to be normal delay.

The delay is not observered in network domain as the policy is applied as the server is online.I would recommend to remove the unwanted data and reduce the size of mydoc and see does the delay minimise.
scrabyAuthor Commented:
but i don't want to stare at a welcome prompt going in circles for 35 seconds waiting for logon.  the domain is either there or it's not, if it's there then authenticate using ad, if not then use cached credentials

surely there is a setting somewhere that shortens this default wait time
ravi_shannConnect With a Mentor Commented:
run "ipconfig  /flushdns" command and try to log back in.
scrabyAuthor Commented:
ThinkPaper, I appreciate you finding the links that you posted however none of them apply to this situtation.
techrepuplic refers to the solid desktop background which i am aware of and not an issue on this install

ms support with fastlogon enabling, if you noticed i've tried multiple group policy and registry edits which inlclude asyncronous logons and have not had success with this

the experts-exchange thread regarding slow logons from home refers to turning off the WNIC, this is not an option as it's not very professional to tell the president of my company to just turn off the wifi prior to logon and turn it back on when you're in.

Ravi_shann, dns is not the issue here but rather the station is waiting to find the domain and when it can't then it uses cached credentials to continue the logon.

there has to be a way to tell windows to not wait for the domain for 30 seconds before deciding that it's not there and then logging on using cached credentials.
scrabyAuthor Commented:
Sandeshdubey, solid background color is not the problem here.  the post describes everything and so far i don't have a solution to this.  i'm close to giving up on this as i see no way to avoid the 30 seconds or so that w7 waits for a domain before it gives up and uses cached credentials to continue with a the logon
scrabyAuthor Commented:
i've tried lots of things and still have this issue, i think i'm going to start from a fresh install and test as i add to the install to see if i can narrow this down.

thanks for all of your suggestions
Did you ever come up with a better solution to this issue?
My PC has recently started having exactly the same issue, I've tried all the other 'fixes' to but to no avail.
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