Given 3 Bytes of Data - How to convert to 6 digit ID code?

I am given 3 bytes defined as:


Obviously, MSB and LSB stand for Most Significant Byte and Least Significant Byte.

How can I derive a 6-digit integer ID code from this in C#?

I have a similar operation in the program that calculates from just an MSB and an LSB to get a resultant integer:

int timer = Convert.ToInt32(msb, 16) << 8 | Convert.ToInt32(lsb, 16);

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However, with the added 'middle' byte, I am a bit lost.
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d-glitchConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The largest number you can specify is (2^24 - 1) ==>  16,777,215 which is more than 6 digits.

Perhaps you are supposed to convert each byte into two hexadecimal digits.
The formula to convert three bytes (24 bits) to binary is:

          MSB_iD*256 ²  +  MID_ID*256  +  LSB_ID
BullfrogSoftwareAuthor Commented:
To binary?  I am looking for a 6-digit id code, such as '123456' .. to be derived from the 3 given bytes.
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You can't guarantee to be able to do it for all possible ids using only digits.
With three bytes, there are 16777216 different possible IDs. So you would need 8 digits unless you knew something special about the data (like MSB_ID is only ever 1-50).
If you want a 6 character hex number (0-9 and A-F), then that would work for three bytes.

If neither of the above apply, it is literally impossible. The other thing you could do (possibly) is just assign IDs and keep a mapping somewhere. But there is no way to guarantee a unique six digit decimal number for three bytes.
An error in the first comment:

     The formula to convert three bytes (24 bits) to decimal is ....
To convert a byte into two hex digits you do an integer division by 16 and take the quotient and the remainder.
Does it matter what 6 digits you get out of what MSB_ID ID LSB_ID values?
If so, can you give us an example of the conversion you want?
BullfrogSoftwareAuthor Commented:
I will actually close this question.  What the customer wanted was as follows:

3 bytes given, convert bytes to strings, concatenate to create hex string, convert string to int

string hexVal = msb + b + lsb;
int i = Convert.ToInt32(hexVal, 16);

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It was that simple.
TommySzalapskiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That will be up to 8 digits. If that's fine with the customer, then great!

Um, if msb, b, and lsb are bytes, won't they get converted to integers when you add them?
3 4 5 and 2 2 8 will yield the same result.
You probably want something like msb.ToString("000") + b.ToString("000") + lsb.ToString("000")

Or msb*256*256 + b*256 + lsb
BullfrogSoftwareAuthor Commented:
I mentioned before the code "convert bytes to strings" ... this takes place before they are passed to the code above.
So you were saying that the conversion happened before your code. Got it. Glad you got it working.
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