Free Port Scanning Software

Does anyone know of a good free port scanning software package?  It will need to be compatible with Windows XP and/or 7.
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pony10usConnect With a Mentor Commented:

However you may want to move to the "free" version of Nessus as it will do vulnerability scan as well as port scan
TvMptConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Angry ip Scanner

No installation is needed - just save the program anywhere you like and run it from there.

Is this more an answer to the authors other question looking for an IP scanner?

It does look like a good product though.  :)
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LOL. Your right its asking for port scanner and not ip scanner :D

Thats one of the tools i use and i make confusion.

Now the real alternative for your portscanner ( nessus is much more than a simple port scanner... )

Free Port Scanner 3.1.1
Try TCPView, which is part of the SysInternals Suite.
It will show the status of all endpoints (sockets, which = IP+port#), including what the socket is on the other end of the connection.
piyushranusriConnect With a Mentor System Cloud SpecialistCommented:
the best is PortQueryUI from Microsoft.
this is GUI and easy to use.

let me know if need download link.
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