VMware vSphere Update Manager

Hi All,

I have today install VCentrer 5.1 and i am trying to setup the Update manager to upgrade my esx from 5.0 to 5.1.

Problem is during the install of update manager it fails stating:

Error 25085.setup failed to register VMware vSphere Update Manager extension to VMware vCenter Server: {my ip}

If i check the vminst log i see:

Error:: VC User Name & Password entered is wrong
ERROR: VUM registeration with VC failed

This is confusing me as i have double, triple and quadruple checked my passwords with no joy.  I have looked around for ages and cant work this out, can someone please help me get to the bottom of this?
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AuratekConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
This server has been formated and started again.
Haresh NikumbhSr. Tech leadCommented:
Subhashish LahaCommented:
Are you using the vCenter logon credentials?
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AuratekAuthor Commented:
I have tried the links and I have had no joy with them.

I have to admit, i don't remember setting credentials for vCenter.  I do remember setting a password which had to have a non alpha numeric character but that's it.

I believe the user was set as admin@system-domain, but even when using that with my password it fails.
Edit the role of the user > expand the extension privilege > select the register extension privilege > click Ok.
AuratekAuthor Commented:
This is where I really get lost...

I have

1. Connected to the vCentrer server using vSphere client

2. Clicked roles

From here there are only 3 roles available and the only one with anything added is under Administrator, which I cannot edit.

Now I may be being an idiot, I cannot find out how to add or manage users in the vCenter setup.
AuratekAuthor Commented:
I've not had time to re-visit this yet i will try some of the suggestsions soon.
AuratekAuthor Commented:
Its not a resolution, i ran out of time and had to make a rash decission.
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