Backup Exec 2010 exclude files - help

I have BE 2010 R3.

I have a directory with my vmware backups. I'm trying to backup the large vbk file and just the most recent vbr file. I have my BE selection list like this.

F:\Backups\*.vbr /EXCLUDE /ACCESSDAYS:01

There are 4 vbr files in the directory. One from last night, the night before etc.

BE backs up nothing.
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cb_itConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I ended up just using robocopy to move older files to a new directory

ROBOCOPY.exe F:\Backups F:\Backups2 /move /minage:1

This works fine.
Can you clarify, how have you made this selection? In BE 2010 I would simply just select the files needed, you can do granular selections like that.

Can you take a screenshot of your selections list, and post it here?
cb_itAuthor Commented:
Not sure if I can select the file, because the file will change. The vbr and vbk files have a date/time stamp as part of the file name.
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In your "Type" you have set to Exclude. So it will be ignoring all of your *.vbr files.

Change that flag to "Include" and they should work fine.

And I'm not sure if the "files not accessed in"... parameter needs to be active either? Seems a bit excessive.
cb_itAuthor Commented:
Here is what I have in Backups directory


I want to backup the large vbk file and the "most recent" vbr file - so the top 2 files above.

So I set the 'exclude' to files not accessed in 1 days, hoping it would exclude 06252013.vbr, 06242013.vbr and 06232013.vbr.
cb_itAuthor Commented:
The few answers I was given did not work. My own solutions is working.
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