Access 2010 "On Mouse Move" event not working

Hello Experts,

I'm having a problem with my event code in Access 2010.

I can't seem to get any code to run in several events. These events include: On Mouse Move, On Click, On Mouse Up, On Mouse Down, On Mouse Wheel.

I was having the same problem with "On Key Press", but that was resolved by setting "Key Preview" to "Yes"

In addition to the On Key Press event, I do have some other events setup: Before Update, and On Timer.

The code I have been using for testing is to just to open a test form. But it just won't work.

What is stopping my code from running?

Thanks in advance.
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peter57rConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Does the mouse work at all?
Can you move around the form by clicking into different textboxes?

I don't quite see how you could click into a textbox or on a button in form view without triggering the click event.  When you look at the event properties of a textbox do you see entries in the click property ?

Just one last thought - you are trying to use control events and not form events I take it?
A form never gets focus unless there is no control which can have the focus.
Is your database in a trusted folder?

Are you sure you are using a form view which allows events and not say, 'layout view' which does not.
JustinAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply peter57r,

I'm not the best at access, but I'll give you the best information I can:

The accdb front end file is on my desktop at the moment, and the back end is on a mapped drive, and I'm logged in as Administrator - I should have full access. When I make copies of the front end and open for the first time, it asks me to enable content. Which I do. I don't get asked this again after the first time.

In the current database settings, I have layout view disabled. Pretty sure I'm viewing the form as it should be, and as the end user sees it.

Other event code works, just not anything to do with the mouse, so it appears. I tried getting a message box to appear "On Click" on another form, but that doesn't work either.

Thanks again,

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JustinAuthor Commented:
Thanks peter57r! You nailed it.

I was using the form events. I tried using the "On Mouse Move" event under the "Detail" property, and I was able to get it working first go.

I need the code to fire whenever there is user action (I'm building an inactivity function). Would the detail property be sufficient for this? Or is there something better?

Thanks again,

I have always used textboxes to detect mouse activity , on the few occasions it has been required.  But my requirements have always required me to know which box was being 'mouse-overed'.  I haven't used it just to see if someone is just waving the mouse around.
JustinAuthor Commented:
Thanks again peter57r, I got it all working.

Because the database I'm working on is for primarily for a touchscreen computer, there isn't much "mouse movement". I was hoping it would pick up when a button was clicked or textbox selected, so I didn't have to put code or macros on every button / textbox.

I did however end up putting code/macro on everything that might be selected, to update the timerinterval property. If the timer elapses, (due to no user action) it saves/discards/closes all forms and brings up a login window.

It might not be the best way to do it, but it works. :D
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