wsus low disc space

hi i am running a windows 2003 domain gpo via isa 2006 firewall.

i have selected updates which have been approved and are continuing to be installed on all my machines.

i have also selected/approved updates for xp desktops, but currently my xp desktop has not been detected via my wsus or received any updates yet...!

when i installed wsus i configured updates to be sent to my spare: d:\wsus 20gb harddrive

i have run server cleanup wizard and there is nothing to delete currently

question1.  i am now receiving a message stating:

"low disk space" but when i select icon it runs 'disc cleanup' but 0% to delete...! so how do i go about resolving this situation ?
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
20G is not enough room.. you need at least double that. Or don't download the updates and have them get the approved updates from microsoft.
mikey250Author Commented:
morning ve3ofa,

im planning on changing the harddrive for a larger one but for the time being once ive solved that issue and my xp detection issue, then i know what i am doing.. )

Can I delete stuff manually from the d:\wsus if i wanted ?

as i have downloaded in advance xp updates & approved, i have not got my xp to detect via my wsus yet, so was thinking how could i temporarily remove those xp downloads already downloaded and re-download later as my xp desktop has an issue of not communicating currently.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
FYI my WSUS storage right now is 128GB, if you select to pull drivers it gets HUGE very quickly.  You can stop syncing until your disk space problem is fixed.

You can delete whatever you want, it just means that you have to import the older files into a new installation of WSUS for the database and the files to be in sync. WSUS does consist of two components the database and the updates.
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mikey250Author Commented:
hi yes ive been told about the database which ive saved in my favourites to look at, at a later date once everything running ok..! :)

what about my other comment:

as i have downloaded in advance xp updates & approved, i have not got my xp to detect via my wsus yet, so is this a separate issue or do i just figure out why my xp is not sync'g and once resolved presumably it will still download updates that i have already pre-downloaded onto my wsus ?
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Try running these on your xp machines and see if they  contact your WSUS server

wsus.reg     -- change the servername WUStatusServer to point to your server
"TargetGroup"="IT Department"


Open in new window

@============ START Script Code===========
@echo off
Echo Save the batch file as "WSUS.bat". This batch file will do the following:
Echo 1.    Stops the Automatic Update Service (wuauserv) service.
Echo 2.    Imports WUA settings for workstations in workgroup to detect/download/install updates from WSUS.
Echo 3.    Starts the Automatic Update Service (wuauserv) service.
Echo 4.    Force update detection.
Echo 5.    More information on
REM Place both the files (WSUS.reg and WSUS.bat) in same location (single folder)
REM Double-click WSUS.bat to import WSUS.reg which contains Windows Update Agent (WUA) settings. 
REM for WUA in a workgroup environment. In this sample, WSUS.reg and WSUS.bat 
REM are placed in 'c:\'.

REM Author:- Mohammed Athif Khaleel :- Date April 30, 2006
Net Stop "wuauserv"
Echo Importing WSUS.reg
%windir%\Regedit.exe /s C:\WSUS.reg
Echo WSUS.reg imported succesfully
Net Start "wuauserv" 
Echo Forcing update detection
wuauclt /detectnow

Open in new window

Haresh NikumbhSr. Tech leadCommented:
have you tried with WSUSUTIL.EXE RESET??

please check below link if it helps
Haresh NikumbhSr. Tech leadCommented:
Also check below link.. question is still open but have given lot of options
mikey250Author Commented:
yes i did delete manually the windows update & AU but it did not appear to work at the time.

before i follow your script i will do below again and see!!! however i do have a folder redirection issue, but i assumed this would not cause wsus to not detect xp so i can then receive maybe any folder redirection updates to rectify as never normally have a folder redirection problem!!

however i have logged on as administrator and can see:


accountdomainsid reg_binary etc etc - this is not in any of my win 2003 or win 7 machines.  i was going to delete but i have left currently.

also the 2 entries should be in there but can only see 1:

SusClientID - yes in place
SusClientIdValidation - not there

so i have just done:

net stop wuauserv - successful
then deleted: susclientid & waiting 1 min
net start wuauserv - successful
refreshed regedit but both above entries have not appeared
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
folder redirection is not even close to the issue.

another way is through group policy

You may want to run the client diagnostic tool
mikey250Author Commented:
hi ve3ofa,

i appreciate your comments but it appears my wsus downloading has come to a complete hault and reading eventviewer..!!!!!!!  rrgghh. this maybe some cause of my machines not being totally upto date causing other knock on affects..!!

as it stands as i have no more funds:

my win 2003 wsus is:

c:\ 20 gb
d:\ 20 gb
e:\ spare 15 gb
free space not used: 20 gb

as i cannot afford software to solve this problem with re-arranging my harddrive space as (os) is already installed and no merge is available...!

also i have never exported my d:\wsus or re-sync'd it and dont want to make any mistakes

i have not even completed the following downloads:

critical updates
security updates

note: as i was just looking and dont yet really understand what most of these are below in-comparision to (critical/security updates), i also downloaded to have a look which in turn has filled up my hdd and dont currently need.  when i attempted to delete manually the (drivers updates) it crashed my wsus and on close/open restarted and repeat procedure, it appears it does not by this method allow me to just manually delete:

feature packs
update rollups

question1. can you help me out on any ideas ?....:))))) maybe
mikey250Author Commented:
i have completely run out of ideas.!
VirastaRUC Tech Consultant Commented:

Just thowing some options on air..

This will help you to move your current update data and logs to another drive.

wsusutil.exe movecontent D:\WSUS1\ D:\move.log

where D:\WSUS1 is the new path for local WSUS update storage, and D:\move.log is the path to the log file.

Hope that helps :)
mikey250Author Commented:
hi veristar,

i will have to get back to you on that one as i dont have spare (hdd)..!!!

questions1.  while i cannot download anymore updates, will this affect those downloads that i have approved previously ?
mikey250Author Commented:
morning veristar,

im now ready to do the following but dont want to make any mistakes but not sure about this path that is shown and this '-skipcopy'...!

wsusutil.exe movecontent D:\WSUS1\ D:\move.log

i understand wsutil.ex movecontent is saying move to d:\wsus1, but this d:\move.log im not sure what this is about unless it just means the data will move to d:\wsus1 and a (move.log) will also move to d:\move.log ...!

it states that if i use (-skipcopy') then it enables me to change location of local wsus without copying any files - so ok i will leave this part out..

note: i checked and i actually have a spare unallocated 35 gb space.  so i wish to copy the wsus downloaded files to a temporary secondary drive that im still using.  then add the extra 35gb back to the original 20gb so i will have 55gb.  and then copy back from the temporary secondary drive back to the original d: drive..  thats the plan.

note: ive manually created: h:\wsus in advance

wsusutil.exe movecontent h:\WSUS\ h:\move.log - it now states 'content location is being moved .  please do not stop this program.

ive now been looking at the below url and seeing (xcopy) so what is difference between this and (movecontent) ?
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
xcopy just copies the files wsutil movecontent copies the files and updates the database.
mikey250Author Commented:
hi ve3ofa, thanks for that reply.

my database is still copying..  at least then hopefully i can get back to my gpo issue and wsus update issue as the drive is full, but once ive copied these downloaded files over i can increase the size of my d:\ and then copy back and then return my borrowed secondary harddrive, back to its original server... long way round i know but i didnt have the funds to buy correct partition software to increase size.
mikey250Author Commented:
hi veristar,

note: i backed up - 'system state & wsus' only on a temporary external harddrive

ive now successfully copied my wsus from d:\ to h:\.

question 1.  before i proceed i have some concerns described below: ?

old wsus drive:

d:\ drive - it shows as (normal) the below:

- updateservicesdbfiles - located inside are 2 files as shown:

susdb.mdf - cannot manually delete
susdb_logldf - cannot manually delete

- updateservicespackages - this folder seen but no files inside - ?

- wsuscontent - shows numerous folders/files that have downloaded


new h:\ drive

when i compare h: drive to d: drive it not identical ?

- updateservicespackages - no files inside compared to above
- updateservicespackage - this folder is not there at all as above - ?
- wsuscontent - appears to show all files copied as expected


possible last tasks!

question 2.

if the above is ok i have 2 ideas below of what to do but not sure and if i uninstall i know there can be problems as when i tick those 3 boxes by default to remove wsus totally, this does not happen, so i do not want to go ahead unless im totally correct. ?

possible task 1

reformat d:\ and increase harddrive size
copy h:\ drive back to d:\

possible task 2

uninstall wsus 3.0, but dont tick to remove the uninstall wsus files that are prompted
reformat d:\ and increase harddrive size
copy h:\ drive back to d:\
re-install wsus 3.0
mikey250Author Commented:
hi, after completing the backup and continuing with above tasks,  i then restored wsus backup and it has returned all files as normal and below also:


prior to above task i did uninstall wsus leaving database and logs etc, after a backup also.  but after then completing above tasks even though the restore backup was successful, i could not open wsus again.  at least i now realise my steps appear to be good.

however due to uninstalling wsus when i should not have, i have since completed a clean win 2003 & wsus install and all is now well with hdd larger in size now even after all downloads completed also!!

all is good now!!
mikey250Author Commented:
sound advice.  appreciated!!
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