Trying for a Purchase of a Tablet

Hi experts, I am looking to purchase an Andriod tablet.

My Budget is Max of 250 USD

I am looking for Acer, Samsung or if possible windows tablet [That seems impossible at this price]

The main features I am looking for are:

1. front and Back Camera
2. Bluetooth
3. 3G & wifi
4. Ram should be 1GB or more
5. Processor cores at least 2

Please guide me on this. Looking for a purchase in Canada

and let me know the best site in canada
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Gurpreet Singh RandhawaWeb DeveloperAsked:
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I think we can find everything you want except the 3G at your price point. I really don't know that there are any options with built-in 3G in the price range you are looking for. You might be better off with a $200 tablet and a $50 3G wireless hotspot, or using your phone as a hotspot.

Gurpreet Singh RandhawaWeb DeveloperAuthor Commented:
by hotspot you mean to say like a 3g USB Dongle
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Gurpreet Singh RandhawaWeb DeveloperAuthor Commented:
but can you still couple of Tablets which are best from the list i have written except 3G. i can raise my budget to 300 USD

if 3G comes up
Gurpreet Singh RandhawaWeb DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Thanks but on i looked at lenovo seems promising, is it new or refurbished, i am looking to purchase NEW not other
The Lenovo is new, not refurbished.
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