Windows Live Mail will not show the Menu Bar

I have a Windows 7 Pro computer with Windows Live Mail.
I need to import all my messages from Windows Live Mail on my old XP PC.
I exported the messages successfully, but cannot import them in my new W7 PC because I cannot show the Menu Bar.  
With the Menu Bar, I could click on "File" - "Import".
I have tried to show the Menu Bar by holding down "Alt"+"M", "Alt"+"F", "Alt"+"E", "Alt"+ any other key I could think of, but nothing shows.
I have also tried to right-click everywhere possible in the program window to show the menu bar (like I can do successfully with other programs), but nothing works.
Please Help!
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just incase your having a doh!! moment, the only way I recreate the missing file import etc is if I create a new mail then go to the File
those options are nolonger there to import.
Are you left clicking on the Icon rather than opening the arrow?
new mail file optionsnew message optionsTo see these options in the File expand the arrow> open only from the WLM interface.
From what I read there was also a bug with an update and these options were then missing probably because the WLM was not installed with the WL Essentials and or updated the core of windows Live incorrectly.
Would still really be interested in a screen shot.
Just use the windows snipping  tool  when you open it the entire screen will go grey, and drag the curser around the area you want  that part will go clear then save it, you can cancel if you dont like it and rerun it. Go to new.
In your comments box click on the little Picture box above the comments box rightside next to <> browse to your screendump
give it a name and embed
 from your other duplicate question ( now in delete)  a comment by SamGarner
please note,that does not function in WLM version 11 and upwards, there is not and never was a show a menue function on the righht side and I have used WLM ever since windows 7 came out.
Maybe in some old windows mail version but never in WLM
In refs to>To view the hidden Menu Bar do one of the following:
Locate the little icon (Show Menu) near the right end of your Toolbar - the one between Pen (Colour) and the "?" (Help) button. Click that and be sure there is a check in front of Show all menus.

Just thought I'd add that.
If you mean File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools and Help, they do not exist in Windows Live Mail.
Rather you have the Ribbon.  You click the little blue icon at the very top left of the WLM screen just under the Title Bar ( right over the big Email Message button and just to the left of the Home tab).  The drop down menu offers Import Messages.
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tcexperts77Author Commented:
TO LeeTutor:
The page did not help.
Every solution pointed to fixing everything else but Windows Live Mail.
I see the Menu Bar on every program on my PC except Windows Live Mail.

TO jcimarron:
There may not be a menu bar in your Windows Live, but there is on other PCs I have.
My XP PC and my other Windows 7 PC both show the Menu Bar when I press "Alt" + "M" keys.

I don't really care as much about seeing  it, except I NEED to import messages from my old Windows Live.  To do that, I don't see any other way except to use the Menu Bar.
Can you post a screen dump I'm confused with your reference to being able to see the menue bar  except for WLM
your refs>I see the Menu Bar on every program on my PC except Windows Live Mail.

I'm running windows 7 prof with WLM  version 2011 I went back to that so I keep my unique settings for coloured emails.
and imported all my emails from XP and anywhere needed
first make sure your on the home page tab then go over to the top left corner see the little arrow next to the paper looking icon  and expand that little arrow
home tabselect Import
importfrom outlook express 6/or your stored folder
import from Outlook expressIt will convert them first if from OE 6  and then stick them into what is called Storage folders
storage folders
Please check responses here so we don't repeat

Adding your problem is probably related to to using a keyboard shortcut to access the WLM menue to import using my method above works.
tcexperts77Author Commented:
Your screen shot is exactly what I need to see - I think I also have WLM  version 2011.
The problem is when I click on the "down arrow" in the home tab, nothing shows.
I do not get the drop-down you show (your 2nd screen shot) where I can select "Import".
Would love to see it please.
It's NEXT to the home tab right?
At least we have some progress.
What do you see if you hit the ALT key alone, I see 1-2-3-4 and F for File and H for home
pressing the ALT keySounds like your WLM is either corrupted or something wrong?
According to these you need to show menue possibly it's disabled?
But if you have the side arrow but no menue?
Have read
then check
Where did you download it?
Since Windows 7 doesn't have an email client you can just copy your mail store folder elsewhere and uninstall it and reinstall it
It's not windows Mail is it?
I have never used it if even possible?
I cant hide that Icon or move it or disable it in any view or option? minimised it's still there
WLM 2011
"The problem is when I click on the "down arrow" in the home tab, nothing shows"
Merete has done an excellent job of posting screenshots to show what I suggested in http:#a39268567
However if you have no drop down menu after clicking that "down arrow" (which is the "little blue icon" I mentioned--or by using  ALT+F) your WLM is corrupted.  
Repair WLM.  (Control Panel|Programs and Features and highlight Windows Live Essentials.  Click  Uninstall/Change at the top menubar.  Follow directions.  You will be offered a choice   to Repair or Uninstall.  Choose Repair.)

You may be interested in

Windows Live Mail did not come with Win XP, but it can be installed.
tcexperts77Author Commented:
OK, will try this on Monday.
tcexperts77Author Commented:
When I go to the Home tab and click on the "down arrow", all I get is the little pop-up message below.  It says I can "Click here to save, print,...." but nothing shows no matter where I click.

Attempt to get menu bar 1
tcexperts77Author Commented:
Clicking all around (and on) that icon with my left and my right mouse button did nothing.
 A window finally showed when I clicked somewhere on "Quick Views" below (or the wrench next to it?).  The window that opened was not what was on your views -- instead it was a window regarding importing messages -- which was exactly what I wanted!

Although your solution was not exactly correct, it allowed me to "stumble" on the final solution.  Thanks to your efforts I was able to solve this AND I learned how to post screen shots!
Thank you
"Grins" glad you learnt how to upload images to EE
I see exactly what your seeing when I hold my mouse over that Blue Tab
 looks like a Letter with a small arrow next to it. clicking anywhere on that Blue opens the tab.
click on Blue tabTo finish on one note if you are interested in getting to the bottom of this
 take a look at my 3 mg video.
Open this link to download it, fill in the letters and the download, play in VLC or media player classic 
click downloadFill in letters caps ondownload on the bottomLet me know if this applies.
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