drupal 7 website broke...


I don't know drupal that well, and a site I made a couple of years ago for a charity uses drupal 7.  They don't really have a maintenance budget, and I don't have much spare time anymore.

the site http://www.hscf.org.uk/ is throwing what looks like a zend error...

can anyone help save me time and tell me what steps I should take to recover. ...

needless to say that I haven't been taking backups, ans the core will be at least a year out of date.

anyone help?
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CrisThompsonUKConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks guys, but it was simpler than that.

I cleared the cache.


The error is indicating that some required file(s) is missing.
First you would need to check if the site strcture is ok,
maybe some files got accidentally deleted, or paths changed.
The easiest way would be to restore a backup if you got one.
Aaron FeledyDrupal Developer and ConsultantCommented:
There seems to be a missing file for the Views module. Try downloading it again and replacing that directory with the new files.


You will download a zip file containing a folder called "views". You'll want to place the views directory in your sites/all/modules directory overwriting what's already there. Then while logged in as the admin, you'll visit http://www.hscf.org.uk/update.php to run database updates.
CrisThompsonUKAuthor Commented:
When I finally looked on Google, I found this:


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