access to internet through a router then to an adsl modem on the edge

Hi everyone,

I have the attached lab at home and trying to provide  HostA and HostB  an internet connection through Router1 Fa0/1 interface which is configured to obtain an ip from Adsl modem dhcp

so far :

I added default routes & .1.1 at the other router.

I can ping from both sids and all are good, but I cant ping the internet modem and How can I get my hosts A and B to get an internet access.

could someone guide me through please.
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TimotiStConnect With a Mentor Datacenter TechnicianCommented:
Pointing the default routes at each other is not a really elegant solution.
What you want is for every routing device to have a route (connected, static or default) to every subnet, so you can have end-to-end connectivity.
And the added extra of performing NAT on all addresses on the ADSL router.

I'm assuming R1 and R2 are Cisco routers, so you can add any route you want. The ADSL router might be more tricky, not sure if you can add static routes at all - it depends on the model.

I'm not going to ruin your studying with telling you the exact setup of the static routes...

Or, if your ADSL router supports RIP, you could set up this lab with RIP, isntead of static routes...

YTS007Author Commented:
i'll try this, thanks Tamas
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