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Need some assistance in understanding how this mobile development works, basically one of my client is looking for a mobile app, we've designed/developed and hosting their site.

Now he is asking to develop one app ... and have no clue, from where to start, when go out and start asking for freelancers, they are charging like crazy for a simple app.

Because we do have very good designers + PHP developers/programmers too, just would like to know, what is the process/steps in developing a mobile app for all the major OS; ios, android, windows, blackberry too.

Please do advice/share, if any assistance can be provided.

Thanks in advance.
Mushfique KhanDirector OperationsAsked:
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binaryevoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would second Milka's solution, a mobile web application would be the most painless way to get what you want.  It makes total sense especially since your team is already comprised of some PHP developers.  The only time this does not make sense is if there is something you need to take advantage of on the mobile platform (IE: types of caching, fine tuning performance, user experience...).  So if the requirements are we want the user experience to be that of a mobile app and not a webpage well then then you have to cross the learning curve bridge.  There are a few different roads you can take with this:

Use a html/css tool that spins up objective c / java / windows apps
Use something like xamarin that will let you build the app in your native language but, it will spin up the objective c from that
Finally you can write the applications native that will allow the most amount of control and let developers have their freedom per say

So my advice is make your decision based on your context and requirements.  In my opinion, if you do decide that you need something on the device and not on the web, go native.  Why?  Well because you have control over the code and it doesnt spit out a gargle of mess which is often times the case with some of these tools.

Hope this helps...
If you are dealing with only one app, then you would probably make a mobile website for all platforms instead of making a fat app and convert it for each platform.
Mushfique KhanDirector OperationsAuthor Commented:
Basically right now it's just one, but would like to explore, because expectation is to have some more requests soon, and as we are already in design/development ... shouldn't be a big issue ... I think.
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the mobile web app targets all platforms.
PCableGuyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You might find this article helpful:

Plus the website may have other useful content.
Mushfique KhanDirector OperationsAuthor Commented:
Thanks ... helpful info, will wait for some more, also did some Google-ing, there are some White Label providers too ... what do you think and do you have any preference or any suggestion will be great too.

Because instead of getting into the pain of developing ... why not just used these white label providers ... what do you think?
I think thats a great idea pending the right context of course.  If you just need a white label technology partner there are tons out there to choose from.  Ive used one in particular that has some outstanding developers (  The key to partners though is you have to be very thorough and figure out if they are really as good as they say they are.  
Hope this helps.
Mushfique KhanDirector OperationsAuthor Commented:
thanks everyone for their time and great input, will keep this question open for a while, if any one else would like to share anything.

Thanks again :-)
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