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Exchange PowerShell: List SMTP E-Mail address from a Distribution List in a defined format

I need to extract following information from a Distribution List:

 - Primary SMTP Address of ManagedBy object
 - All SMTP addresses of all members of the distribution list

then I need to have the following format of the output

SMTPAddress1Member1 PrimarySMTPAddressOfManagedByObject
SMTPAddress2Member1 PrimarySMTPAddressOfManagedByObject
SMTPAddress3Member1 PrimarySMTPAddressOfManagedByObject
SMTPAddress1Member2 PrimarySMTPAddressOfManagedByObject
SMTPAddress2Member2 PrimarySMTPAddressOfManagedByObject

Example output.txt file:

Mark.Henderson@gmail.com JunkAdmin1@gmail.com
M.Henderson@gmail.com JunkAdmin1@gmail.com
Mark.H@gmail.com JunkAdmin1@gmail.com
Lisa.Simpson@gmail.com  JunkAdmin1@gmail.com
L.Simpson@gmail.com  JunkAdmin1@gmail.com
Lisa.S@gmail.com  JunkAdmin1@gmail.com
Michael.Kight@gmail.com  JunkAdmin1@gmail.com
M.Kight@gmail.com  JunkAdmin1@gmail.com
Michael.K@gmail.com  JunkAdmin1@gmail.com

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I know this sounds very tricky, but maybe someone coded this one already :-)

Thanks for any help!
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1 Solution
By PrimarySMTPAddressOfManagedByObject, do you mean the PrimarySMTPAddress of the group?
whenzAuthor Commented:
No, I mean the primary SMTP Address of the ManagedBy Attribute.  Please see the attached example, I would need the primary SMTP address of user "povici"
$Group = "Group Name"
$ManagedBy = (Get-Mailbox (Get-DistributionGroup "Group Name").ManagedBy).PrimarySmtpAddress.ToString()

Get-DistributionGroupMember $Group | % {

Add-Content C:\Group.txt "$($_.PrimarySmtpAddress.ToString()) $ManagedBy"


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whenzAuthor Commented:
Subsun you're a wizard, thank you indeed!!!
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